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Originally Posted by snip3r
Ok, I'll admit, I'm a noob when it comes to knowledge involving the military, but I know for a fact I'm joining and for a fact that I wanna be an SF.
What do any of you think that I could be doing or doing more of to help get to be an SF?
I will have my bachelors before I go into the Army, and I won't join unless it's going in as an officerNick West
The ball is really in your court. You have a pretty straight trail to follow. The physical fitness training will stand you in good stead and you need to shoot for exceeding all the physical fitness standards required for the 18-21 year age group. You will also need to be able to cover a great deal of distance with a 60 pound rucksack in a measured amount of time and this means that you need to get your body and feet accoustomed to doing that. You need to be able to swim. Get into college, get a commission, and get branched into the infantry. Complete airborne and ranger school and do well as an infantry officer seeking positions as a platoon leader and company commander at a minimum. After you are considered branch qualified apply for Special Forces Selection and Assessement. Now, having said all that go back and read through the begining of this thread and you will get a pretty good idea of the type of individual that we are looking for as an SF officer. I am curious, however, as to why you want to be an SF officer and not one of the NCO MOSs. If you are really into the nuts and bolts of being an SF soldier there are no better soldiers in anyone's military. There are very few SF officers that can really hold a candle to the skills and level of professionalism of the soldiers they are charged to lead. If I had a better understanding of what SF was all about and had the opportunity when I was a young troop I would have wanted to be either a SF medic or commo sergeant with the goal of becoming a team sergeant. You will find that as an SF officer you spend way to little time on a team and very few of us ever really get the opportunity to work at the team level for very long and that's what it is all about.

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