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Re: 18A Description

[i]Originally posted by The Reaper
Guys, that ain't the half of it.

TR [/B]
I think that one part of what an 18A is/does that is missing from this discription is that he is(or better be) an integral part of the team. Before SF became a branch an officer assigned to SF was for the most part an outsider/guest to be tolerated by the other team members until he was vetted, accepted by his team members or expeditiously moved along to some slot where he was less of a hazard. Now an 18A is more of a stakeholder in the scheme of things and while he is still going to be tested by the team he has already validated that for the most part he is in this business for the right reasons.

I saw a lot of folks that just could not fit in and would never fit in because they just did not understand that they had a function (other than generator transport officer and turbulance tester) to fullfill as a member of a team that would work effectively without you but would work all the better with you. These were the folks that failed to realize that in SF you were a soldier first and an officer second. That the power vested in you as a team leader had less to do with the actual running of the team (which was and hopefully still is the role of the team sergeant) and more to do with enabling your team members to succeed by going to the wall for them to ensure that everything needed to accomplish the mission was available be it training time, equipment, money, valid mission statements, intelligence,etc.

There are other aspects that come to mind that vary with the capacity in which an 18A is serving and some serious shortcomings of the current expectations for 18As versus the experience level that they may or may not have before becoming branched SF. I'll leave all that alone and see what this generates.

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