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Originally Posted by JimP View Post
1stindoor: look at DODI 6130.03-V2 (Medical Standards for Military Service: Retention).

Got a guy checking the assessment /recruitment standards now.
Thanks. Just finished reading through the entire document and looking up definitions of some of those conditions (I was a Bravo, lol). I couldn't see anything that would prohibit him beyond this..."Any persistent condition that requires geographic limitations to the member for assignment, temporary duty, or deployment to protect the individual from infectious disease risk, due to limited monitoring capabilities or other reasons." Not being familiar with those injections I'm not sure if taking those injections would keep him from deploying to austere environments. I am also a Type II Diabetic, however I've been able to keep my A1C (mostly...much harder as a "lazy civilian") in check through exercise, diet, and metformin. But I've dealt with more than a few that were deemed medically unfit because they had to go on injectables or insulin.
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