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What is the underlying issue? Fixing the symptom is just that. Please don’t say if you don’t want to but there has to be a reason.

After retirement….I now have metabolic syndrome and my T went low. Type 2 Diabetes. Weight gain. Joint pain. Muscle loss. Eye sight worsening.

Turns out it’s all ultimately caused by eating too many carbs causing visceral fat causing the metabolic syndrome.

I’ve been on Low Carb High Fat diet for 4 months and I’ve lost about 15 pounds, in the gym gaining muscle. My labs are heading back to normal (go back in 1 month to get checked again, a1C went from 7.2 to 6.0 in 3 months)

Unless there is a biological or genetic anomaly, try to fix the root cause. TRT should be an adjunct or a last resort not a long term “cure”
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