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I think the simplest explanation for Big Tech’s banning of President Trump and other conservatives is the following:

Big Tech are trying to proactively ingratiate themselves with the incoming Democrat political monopoly of the House, Senate, and Executive Branch.


They are under considerable risk of having their Metcalfe’s Law/Zipf’s Law based monopolies broken up.

I do not see a grand conspiracy within Big Tech, but I certainly see a strong alignment of interests for Big Tech to maintain their monopolies as well as align to the next regime.

China is also tightening its influence and control over it’s own Big Tech.

Jack Ma Yun, the founder and former chairmen of Alibaba(China’s Amazon) and more recently Ant Group.

The Chinese government pulled the Ant Group IPO at the last minute after Jack Ma criticised the Chinese government regulators.

He hasn’t been seen in over a month.

Perhaps the US is moving towards a model similar to Russia’s oligarchs and China’s digital emperors, but with American characteristics.

In Russia/China billionaires get onboard or they can get poisoned or disappeared.

In the US, billionaires can get cancelled and ruthlessly attacked by partisan regulators.

4th Estate for the digital age.

Legislative, Executive, Judicial, Oligarchical
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