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I haven't been near the recruiting AO for a few years now, but...

I would be surprised if they're killing the 18x program.
The last numbers I saw showed that it was unlikely the regular Army could produce enough interested parties to continue to front fill the regiments increase in size, and 18x was pretty much going to remain a set fixture. YMMV.

However, this young lad's experience with recruiting was a common issue back then.
1) Either, the recruiter doesn't want to do the extra paperwork for 18x, or
2) On the recruiter's database they are not seeing an open 18x slot for quite some time, and the SOP is to fill a more urgent slot.

Either way, the fix is the same;
- This requires a bit of tact.
- Meet with the recruiter in person, WHILE the station commander is also in the shop.
- Advise the recruiter "Hey, a contact of a family friend said that there are 18x slot available and if you call The Rock they'll be able to open up a 18x slot, how about we grab the station commander and see what we can make happen!"
- Communicate politely and professionally, be contrite but firm.
- Also important to understand the narrative the young lads already told the recruiter, to make sure this new narrative gels.

If it's still a no-go, let me know via PM, there's a couple of other options available.


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