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Recently completed SOCM (the new preloaded version)- so here's my bit:

I read all the literature and advice could get my hands on prior to starting, and it helped having friends ahead of me in the course, but honestly in the end it didn't help much at all. What matters is how willing you are to put time and effort into your studies. The class structure changed twice just in the 10 months I spent there, so usually any intel ended up hurting more than helping. The truth is you need to crack down and develop good study habits, especially during the first few months of classroom work, and be able to maintain a good PT schedule. While you do quite a bit of good organized PT, there is plenty of time to smoke yourself on your own time, and you need to if you wanna be in the right shape when you head back to finish the rest of the course.
Also don't expect an easier time just because it's a heavy classroom environment, the standards are stricter than they used to be, and they won't tolerate long hair ('SOCM haircuts'), lax physical training, etc.
In short- get your mind ready by minimizing distraction and developing good study habits, and don't let your PT suffer, in fact- amp it up.
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