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Originally Posted by Sonofagunny View Post

I am not looking for a cheat to help me pass. I want to be the Valedic-fucking-torian!! I am not the guy who wants to just-get-by. I truly aspire to absorb all the information that I can and present myself to a Team as the best Special Forces medic that I could possibly be.
Put the shovel down Francis, stop posting, and go PT. You've been given advice that you will either follow or not. Some of that advice from an Officer who you very likely could meet soon and yet you still persist. Is it success you want or the last word? The only disadvantage you are at right now is via the reputation you are forming here.

If you want to graduate you will. You'll find a way to make it happen or you will quit. Talking shit on this forum means absolutely nothing. Well, it is slightly entertaining, but Francis, we're not laughing with ya, we're laughing at ya.
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