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Why isn't anyone reacting to this continual narrative? Again, imo, this affords BLM the right/opportunity to press their assault on law enforcement, within societal standards, due to MSM blessing and without condemnation from the political class, MSM, and the populace, which has been edit out of the conversation.

In my mind, the criminals that have been released, are the lefts brown shirts, firing the first shots. Without social support, law enforcement will continue to erode and society will implode.

The extreme left, is actually the main stream Democratic Party. They have no intention of pulling the radical left in, as the narrative that is slowly being presented in the election will be compromised/illegitimate, giving those brown shirts full authority to attack all who oppose them.

With law enforcement in decline, an active social native terrorist group, organized around released criminals as their core, harboring deep seated hate against law officer and society, with the blessing of MSM. The next 9 months will be hell.

A side question: Why isn't anyone, including all the talking heads on Fox News asking this question: Who is the far left group dunning the government? I ask because they, whoever they are, are not subject to federal protection, and if ID, should be exposed.

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