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Originally Posted by Old Dog New Trick View Post

I guess Mr? will be back in two years to drop another grenade in the toilet and run away before it explodes.

I’m still waiting on his list of “actual crimes” the President has committed as President but I doubt he’s going to find any. Maybe he double parked the “Beast” at Daytona or forgot to sign a document giving away his salary...

God forbid they try to charge him with committing murder of all the people who have died with Covid, or we are going to have hold every past and future president with “high crimes and misdemeanors” for wars declared or not on other sovereign countries and the ensuing death tolls that come from those.

And it’s cool that we can agree to disagree and listen to another persons POV without calling him names or hurling insults at each other.

Peace Brother...

I'm waiting for him to be charged/impeached for the speach he gave.
Should open the door for every politician who expressed support or directly provided support for the riots to be charged as well.

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