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Originally Posted by Last hard class View Post

Why wouldn't a subpoena work for this? A pretty big risk to serve a warrant to an ex pres.

Why hasn't either side unsealed the warrant? At least partially?
There had already been a subpoena and some docs had already been furnished. Subsequent to that it was directed that a room get a better level lock (GSA something something point something something). This was done.

MOO #1: Using a warrant to go big-casino to retrieve docs will be a big mistake.

As to the warrant, the DOJ (per Garland an hour ago) has requested that the warrant and property receipt be UN-sealed. It also needs consent of Trump to be unsealed. What he did not speak to is the likelihood that it'll be leaked anyway from the Southern District of Florida. Garland did not mention that the actual affidavit will be unsealed, which should have the affiant for the warrant and more detail about why the warrant needs to be executed.

MOO #2: This is not just directed at Trump. This is a warning to others.
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