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1. Sharpie alcohol soluble markers will not run/smear when wet from water. Carry a few alcohol wipes for when you eventually do want to clean your marked surface.

2. For decades before Sharpies were ever a map marking thing... so were grease pencils. Also known as china markers. Available at most big box hardware stores, local Walmarts, or any other office supply store aisle that sells pens/pencils/markers. Very inexpensive. Can be smudged/wiped off by finger pressure, but essentially impervious to water.

Grease pencils were the exact thing I (and thousands of others) used for land nav courses at both Ranger School and SFQC.

You can cut them down to a shorter length to more handily fit inside of a map case or waterproof bag.

Black is the most useful color to procure.
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