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Originally Posted by AD13 View Post
Do any active or veteran soldiers here have advice on upgrading the M249 and kit to accommodate it? Any recommended brands of buttstocks, bipods, grips, slings, barrel bags, etc., to swap out. My intention is to increase ease of use, effectiveness of travel over steep terrain with thick vegetation, and overall quality of life. Your opinions on cost vs reward of pursuing this?
1. You better know what your Squad and Platoon SOP is before doing any Modifications, From your post it would seem your having trouble keeping up with the squad in the woods.

What is the Load out expected to be on the gun ? 100rds or 200rds. If 100rds then have the cloth bag on the gun and take the ammo out of the drums and back feed them into your pouches, Save the drums don't throw them away so you can put the ammo back in them when done with the patrol or training.

2. Build your tolerance up for humping that load, What I mean by that is find out what your ruck and the gun weigh on average. Then just do your own ruck marching with 5% more then what that average is so you build up a tolerance. You will have to do this on rough terrain also, Don't kill yourself just do about 3-4 miles per training session. If you do any night time rucking on your own make sure you have a buddy and a plan for communications to the staff duty desk along with safety glasses so you don't poke an eye out.

3. When walking into thick stuff bring the barrel up and hug the gun to across your chest so it does not snag on everything know to man, woman or beast. having a quick adjustable sling will help with holding it tight to your body, this will free a hand so you can keep sticks and branches out of your face and your NVG's. having it barrel up will also keep your from flagging everyone as you fight to free the gun from the brush.

4. The Army is looking at replacing the M-249 in a year or two by that time you will be promoted and won't have to carry the SAW.

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