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Since the PM mentioned wanting to start learning, I'd recommend finding someone that supports using the software you want to learn and what capabilities you require to stream the music.

This way you can concentrate on learning the basics of your web development before learning how to secure a server.

I'd also be very careful legally...i.e. make sure the music is yours / the musicians the web site is for.

If you want to get started for free and learn a bit before spending any money on hosting, I'd second the check with your ISP recommendation. Most ISPs offer a limited amount of bandwidth...then once your ready figure out what streaming requirements you have and see who will setup any required software.

I'd take a gander in some forums like WebHosting Talk...they have a section to fit just about everyone's needs in web hosting. Do some searches and see others are doing / saying.

Another recommendation is to find someone that is already streaming music like you be interested in and asking them how they did it. You'd be suprised at how open many people are and helpful.
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