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Originally Posted by Roguish Lawyer
Very good steak, but IMO in Philly's second tier. Not as good as Pat's or Jim's. The bread was a little stale and they don't give you much choice about how you want the steak. Onions or no onions only, no peppers, mushrooms, sauce, cheese wiz, etc. I did like the white cheese sauce and the beef was good.

Crab fries were not that great. Nicely cooked well done, but I'm not crazy about the crab spice which was applied excessively. Cheese sauce was really good. Liked them, but not at all addicted.
Your current left coast gastrointestinal intake of bean sprouts, tofu and glazed seaweed have mutated your taste buds to an all but useless state. "Crab fries not that great" indeed sir ! At another time and date, with a certain other member of said forum in town for a Flyers game, you sir would have been given several hours chained to a Frank Rizzo statue at the bottom of the Delaware River to contemplate your venomous remarks.
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