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Hi guys I've been quiet in here on this issue as i've been working with green beret posers on FB , from the beginning. Thanks to TM Sergeant for all his work here on busting this POS Rudi Gresham. I was the one that put the ball in motion and got some help finding a correct SSN and getting a FOIA request on this shit bird.
I met Rudi when the president of my SFA chapter Mike Micha brought him in to bring Ross perot in to help support our annual SFA convention in columbia SC 2014.
I was the MC of the signature event the formal banquet dinner .i Introduced Rudi as a retired SF Officer and allowed him to introduce and speak about Ross perot.
Anyway after several incidents involving Rudi after this i was skeptical this guy was what he said. I brought it up on SF brothers and the naysayers came pouring out mostly Tom marzullo about tailwind. Well i figured Tom was just grinding up an old wound . When the FOIA revealed the truth i was surprised but it then all seemed to make sense. He got his Va appointment because of his political work for Bush. This was also where his false history of being an SF Officer perpetuated.
It seems he was vetted by Canon in the 90s to the SFA but is was from more lack of verification than real vetting. A false DD214 was presented along with letters from general officers supporting him. Non of these documents were kept by the SFA . Beaver Mcann the pres of SFA tried to verify him later as well but had the wrong SSN. so nothing came back .Nobody thought to question any of this or dig any deeper. After all Wasn't Rudi getting money to SF projects. Not his money mind you other peoples' money. Anyway i brought all this up with Mike Micha my SFA chapter president. But instead of denouncing Rudi Has chosen to support him by saying there is more to it and Rudi is some kind of CIA operative and secret SF agent. Some real tin foil head shit about SF guys killing Martin Luther king based on a conspiracy book. You can read his letter of support on the site he started for Rudi. I have since resign from Chapter 34 as i cannot support it when its leadership supports a SF poser stealing the valor of my brothers. IMO Mike Micha should be held accountable for helping Rudi Gresham to continue his fraud and supporting it. For what i have no idea but i'm gonna find out.
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