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Old Dog New Trick 12-26-2020 09:46

Probably not foreign terrorism but does fall into the category by using a VBID to cause massive damage.

18C’s out there got any ideas as to compounds used?

I am/was originally thinking just propane but some others I work with believe it was ANFO. ETA: I should add low order ANFO since damages could have been much worse if properly mixed and assembled.

There is a large white area on the roadway (presumably ground zero) and reports of a very large and tall “orange fire ball” witnessed from afar.

I suspect this will be a disgruntled employee possibly with AT&T or just someone fed up with the world. He or more likely she didn’t want to harm people other than maybe first responders.

This will be an interesting case study in domestic terrorism.


TOMAHAWK9521 12-26-2020 10:03

Well, somebody is actually doing some journalism, asking questions and forwarding his findings to law enforcement.

tom kelly 12-26-2020 14:25

Nashville Explosion:
Anybody have an idea what type of compound was used to cause the explosion ? If it was ammonium nitrate + fuel oil don't they have tags on the fertilizer to identify it ? I think its difficult to acquire semtex or c-4 or even dynamite but is that a possibility after looking at the crime scene and the video of the explosion what can be determined as to materials? as for motives, there are so many nuts and they have a lot of crack pot ideas ? The FBI has the lead in the investigation, The ATF is assisting... The MSM is also assisting. Time will Tell; MAY BE....

abc_123 12-27-2020 14:47

I heard a report yesterday that traces of human remains were found. Could be a suicide going out in grand style.

Old Dog New Trick 12-27-2020 15:28

Pretty sure that happened. He gave his house away to a complete stranger apparently.

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