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orko 11-24-2013 16:18

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second batch (since it was such a hit) was made of a cheaper material to bring the cost down, silver coating.

along with one in carried condition

longrange1947 11-24-2013 20:07


Originally Posted by orko (Post 531216)
Col Greene was in command from Sept 68-Jul 1970, first 100 coins were from sterling silver sn on coin edge, with an "r" for manufacture halmark...came in a case like this:
proceeds were used to purchase a german wood carved statue

And that is the one I wanted. :)

fred111 11-25-2013 09:21

I left 10th for 8th in April 72 and have the exact same coin as longrange1947. I also have one of the newer ones and it is much different. I would also like to get one of the originals if anyone can find the mold.

orko 11-25-2013 19:26

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Current issue coin, picked this up today...its the version available through the SFA and group secretary. this one was manufactured through a company called blackington

x SF med 11-27-2014 05:34

I got my first 10th Group coin from SGM Caviaini when I signed in at Group HQ during in-processing ('84). It was lost a few years ago in a sailing accident... MTN Goat replaced it for me (got 2 just in case) ... Now I need to find a place that has one of the old style engravers to get the info put on the 'new' coins. I had one done at a mall 'engraving shop and it sure is no nearly as deep as the what was done at Devens.

My most prized coin is from 2007, SGM Caviaini presented me with one of his MoH coins after SHOT... long story, TS, TR, AM, BrianH, Prester John and a couple of others were there... that was an interesting week in Orlando...

Hognose (RIP) 12-05-2014 21:53


Originally Posted by orko (Post 531207)
here are a couple images from the yearbook, which also is very simular to the ones the 10th group secretary has been procurring for years, notice the difference in coin edge, thickness of boarder and horse

That coin is the one I obtained from the S1 shop on arrival in 12/2980 or more probably whilst inprocessing in 1/ or 2/1981. I showed up for duty in MI company as a leg and was immediately exported to Benning and Jump School. I didn't get to SFQC until 1983. By then I'd been through several coins.

They would fall out of a guy's pocket when he disrobed to please some chick from Disco Devens while pulling CQ/DNCO in the building.

I probably ought to amass coins from the units I was in, now that I'm long retarded.

In the early 1980s, the coin was still unknown outside of SF. And nobody said "Hooah" anywhere except around lots of Ragnars. Now every national guard independent heavy typewriter company has its own coin, and the freakin' Family Support Group hooahs all over the place.

Bennett 12-12-2014 13:20

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Originally Posted by longrange1947 (Post 531188)
Stras, this is the coin I got in 1968 at Devens, it has only 1 lightning bolt.

Yes, that is my wife's, mine was "acquired" by another, but has my name on the back, waiting to have someone drop it on me.

We sell the same one, may be a little more detailed, here's the 60th.

Nubsnstubs 01-02-2015 10:15


Originally Posted by Stras (Post 531212)
go to the next SFA 4-24 meeting... and meet him if you haven't already.

Stras, sorry about being late to this party, but what is the significane of the 4-24 meetings, and where are they held???? Jerry Marcantel

psherlin 01-02-2015 20:06

They also came in a Silver edition
I was in the 10th from 1973-1983 and had a silver coin which I'll be damn if I can find it now. Are they still selling them in silver?

Stras 01-17-2015 21:28


Originally Posted by Nubsnstubs (Post 571372)
Stras, sorry about being late to this party, but what is the significane of the 4-24 meetings, and where are they held???? Jerry Marcantel

Special Forces Association has chapters throughout the US.

Stras 01-17-2015 21:31


Originally Posted by psherlin (Post 571398)
I was in the 10th from 1973-1983 and had a silver coin which I'll be damn if I can find it now. Are they still selling them in silver?

Don't believe silver coins have been made since the early 80's..

We're looking into having the 1-10th SFG(A) silver coins made... But still looking for the original coin manufacturer (and hopefully the mold) in Germany.

Nonstop24/7 05-04-2017 15:54

I left C Company, A32 10th SFG in December 1963 with A Company and HS
in Bad Toelz, and Companies B,C & D in Lengreis
Nonstop 24/7

harryd56 05-08-2017 18:27

Don't know if this helps but, I believe the Robbins Co. from Attleboro, Mass made coins. I have no idea if they are even still in operation.

Hand 05-09-2017 07:38

Just noticed this thread. I know a gentlemen connected to the Army Heraldry dept in Ft Bellview. If you are still looking, pm me and I can get you in touch with him. If he doesn't know, he can find out.

tom kelly 06-04-2017 22:37

The New Type Challenge Coin ???
I was at Ft. Bragg for All American Week last week stayed at Moon Hall and had the chance to meet SF soldiers who were staying at Moon Hall while attending NCO training at the schoolhouse. One of the SF soldiers gave me a "Poker Chip" which is their challenge coin. Not made from metal or plastic but same material the casino poker chips are made from.Different from the usual metal coins that have been around forever. Regard's, Tom Kelly

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