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angel 06-23-2021 06:37

Running shoes for SFAA : Road Shoes or Trail Shoes
I was wondering if I should take road running shoes or trail running shoes to selection.. im trying to get every inch I can on preparation.. if so any you recommend.. as of now I got some Nike Running shoes.. But looking for any suggestions, tips, and knowledge you guys might have..I've heard the runs are on gravel or some kind of pact sand.. wondering what you would wear for that kind of run. Thanks again for your time

RedHawk12 06-24-2021 14:32

I couldn’t tell you what type of running shoes I wore because I don’t remember. Wear whatever you wore during your train up, that’s what I did. I promise you, your running shoes will not be remotely close to the deciding factor on finishing selection or getting selected.

The Reaper 06-24-2021 22:35

Follow the packing list you will be provided.


Chucko 06-25-2021 10:13

So when did they switch from boots to battle tested mamby pamby tennis shoes? :eek:

tom kelly 06-25-2021 15:28


Originally Posted by Chucko (Post 669739)
So when did they switch from boots to battle tested mamby pamby tennis shoes? :eek:

The mamby pamby changes are occurring all the time ...Just Look at the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs....He is WOKE now.... The POTUS is ....well you see him in the news clips, "whispering Joe" and the O group of "leaders".... are falling into line behind the 5 sided puzzle palace... WTF....

Astronomy 06-28-2021 20:30

I know Camp Mackall area has a lot more paved surface these days, but Ft Bragg's basic Piedmont topography/geology hasn't changed in millennia. Miles of sandy, muddy, or hard packed clay tank trails, range roads, etc. Plus asphalt.

Find a comfortable/durable set of running footwear with a sole that offers a bit of traction... as opposed to slick bottomed runners optimized for only pavement. If they're too slick-bottomed to zig & zag safely on a wet grass sports field, they don't have enough traction.

They can be trail runners or road shoes, but they need to have some aggressive tread pattern for traction. Plus good cushioning/support. Shoes that can transition from dry sand to hard pavement to wet mud to pine needle coated forest floor to hard packed gravel. From flat roads & trails to rolling terrain. In summer heat, winter snow, or drenching icy rain.

Not a time to experiment with ultra-light footwear, foot gloves, minimalist racing shoes, etc. Standard civilian style NIKE runners (or other brands) will work fine.

If you have wide feet or pronate a lot, look at NEW BALANCE. If you really like your current shoes, buy another pair; put away for Camp Mackall. Break 'em in just a few weeks before you go. Leave the old set behind (or bring along as spares if packing list allows). I would expect a brief shoe description to be included in the mandatory packing list you receive before attendance.


RedHawk12: I promise you, your running shoes will not be remotely close to the deciding factor on finishing selection or getting selected.

Eagle5US 06-28-2021 21:58

The SHOES are not what is going to make the difference....

Basenshukai 06-29-2021 06:52


Originally Posted by Eagle5US (Post 669795)
The SHOES are not what is going to make the difference....

They will if they malfunction.

Seriously, I saw this happen while at the Ranger Course. A guy's left side running shoe lost its sole during the 5-miler. So, he ditched the other shoe. Well, you can imagine the damage he suffered running the final 4 miles, on pace with everyone else to make the standard for that run on hot asphalt. Needless to say, his feet were in no condition to continue the course after that. Still, I was impressed.

miclo18d 06-29-2021 07:04

Running shoes….the reason? Your PT tests will be on a track. Will you run in sand? Yes, but regular running shoes can handle that. You’re not gonna be on the Appalachian Trail climbing mountains…you’re running on the MATA Mile Moon Sand on Sand Hill and the same stuff out at Camp Mackall.

LongWire 06-29-2021 09:57

Its not the Tyres you put on the Chassis, its the Fuel you put in the engine!

How prepared are you? Your shoes should not be your worry.......Thats not to say that you should put the cheapest things you can buy on your feet and go at it.....Any decent trail shoe should be okay.

If you are not prepared mentally or physically, then the shoes ain't gonna help you.

bubba 06-29-2021 11:09

When it comes to footwear, fit is THE most important thing. Just a suggestion, find a pair that fits you right, then buy 2x of the same exact shoes. (Same goes for Boots.)

Alternate them between training events to break them in and let them dry-out in between / on that pair’s day off. Same thought process, be sure to have copious pairs of socks with the same “fit” mindset.

Gear won’t be THE thing that completes the mission, but proper preparation and maintenance of the gear is always important.

Box 06-29-2021 11:23

I'm going to go against the grain on this one.

These guys are all steering you wrong. With the right pair of shoes, you won't even have to train before attending selection. I understand that focusing on a solid training regimen, proper diet, and plenty of rest might SOUND like a good way to get your mind and body prepared - but lets be honest - they are selecting EVERYBODY these days. Why focus on improving yourself when there are cool points to be made by looking good.

Sure - Rocky Balboa ran through the streets of Philadelphia wearing Chuck Taylors - Forest Gump ran from coast to coast to coast wearing a pair of worn out Nike Cortez - and yes, Quicksilver wore a pair of Adizero's - but those were just movies. In the real world, Rocky's grit, Forest's heart, and Quicksilver's supernatural talent were NOT what made the shoes work.
Product placement and great script writing made those shoes work.

Double that when it comes to boots. If you get a super-gucci set of boots that look operator as fuck - your ruck march times wont matter. There are no cool points for being able to say that you EARNED selection through hard work, focus, commitment, and sheer will. None of those words mean a thing if they compromise your comfort and we all know that the first test of a mans will is becoming uncomfortable.
Giving in to your discomfort is the first step on the road to Quittersville.

FUUUUCK that. I need my comfort. My feet need to feel good, and if I don't get my protein powder and pre-workout energy shakes - I ain't worth a shit. It's so much easier to take shortcuts than to just do the work.

When I went to selection, I went with the same pair of Saucony running shoes that I had grown accustomed to wearing and oddly enough, my Army issued jungle boots. It's a miracle that I finished the program and got selected. My Ill-conceived and unstylish footwear choices should have gotten me dropped at the first gate - I don't know what those idiots saw in me - but I just kept going. Even when my knees hurt. Even when I started getting hot spots on my feet. Even when my shoulders started aching so bad that I wanted to quit. Even when I saw guys with nicer shoes pass me on a run - I kept going.

Then one day, I passed a guy on a ruck march - even though he had a nicer pair of boots.
That night I found out that I wasn't the only one that had sore feet and shoulders. Even a few of the guys that had nice boots, and 17 pounds of moleskin all over their shit in hopes that it would prevent a loss of comfort...
...I found out that getting kicked in the nuts hurts. I found out that even if somebody tells you, "I'm going to kick you in the nuts" - It's still going to hurt, even though you have time to get ready for that kick in the nuts.
The real secret is taking that kick in the nuts like a man - catching your breath, then continuing to move forward.

My poor choice of footwear during SFAS could be why I never got a gig as a Fox News contributor and certainly the reason that I have never been asked to endorse a 'Call of Duty' video game.

SFAS is designed to be a kick in the nuts and you're not allowed to wear a cup. Don't forget about the "Assessment" part though. The assessment comes before the selection.
You don't just get "Selected" my friend - you get assessed. Your performance during that assessment is what decides whether or not you get selected.
Focus on THAT and you'll do fine. Let your mind start to wonder about your shoes - and you'll start to doubt your choices.
Did I buy the right shoes?
These shoes are kicking my ass !!
This is useless, I'm never going to make time with these shoes !!
Why am I even here - I'm never going to get selected because of these shoes.
Then your self doubt consumes you.
Then you quit.
...Buh bye.

Or you could just find something that fits properly, and run.
Run - Forest - Run.
Get up Rock!
Hey, I ain't heard no bell.
...ain't gonna be no rematch
...don't need one

THAT is how you get selected.
A solid training regimen
Proper diet
Plenty of rest
Hard work and determination

Everything else is just a sales pitch.

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