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BuckiBill 04-22-2021 14:38

Nathan Ball, Green Beret Sniper? Only in his lies.
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We were sent Nathan Ball the fake Green Beret back in Oct of 2020 by a fellow Green Beret. We looked for proof online yet found none. Check out this link and hear him on the phone:

That's when the GB had a neighbor reach out and email us what he has heard the fake GB Nathan Ball claim. We asked him if others might send emails and he said they would. Once we saw many neighbors come forward, we sent for records.

What are some of Nathan Ball's claims heard by friends and neighbors?

82nd Airborne Division, 100% false.
5th Special Forces Group on ODA 226, 100% false. He doesn't even know ODA numbering.
1991 Gulf War, 100% false.
Service in Iraq, 100% false.
Service in Afghanistan, 100% false.
Service in South America, 100% false.
Service in Central America, 100% false.
Got his first kill "Down South", 100% false.
Shrapnel and dirt still in his leg from an RPG blast, 100% false.
Taught firearms classes at Ft Carson, 100% false.
Still teaches neighbors "Combat shooting dills", 100% false.
Shot a civilian and still gets hassled by police over that incident, 100% false.
Special Forces Sniper, 100% false.
Special Forces Warhead Diffusion Specialist, 100% false.

We saw him in the Coast Guard for 6 years in SCRA so we called him. On the phone, he said he was 19th Group (Which SCRA didn't show) so we checked ATRRS and low and behold it showed him as a 54B so we waited until we got records from the National Guard before moving forward.

It looks like he indeed wanted to be a GB but didn't have it. Records show he attempted unit administered SWTB "Pre'Selection" and either tapped out because he was weak or terminated for the same reason. Either way...

Just because you attempt and fail Pre-selection, you have no right later in life to pretend to be a Green Beret Sniper with kills from Central America to Afghanistan.

Pete 04-22-2021 14:43

Nathan Ball LOL

Dud - what were you thinking?

Box 04-22-2021 15:09

Man... You guys are dicks.

I've got a man on the inside in DC and my man in D.C. finds NOTHING on this guy prior to 1993. This guy's background is so top secret, it doesn't even *flag* "Top Secret" when you run his jacket. This guy isn't just a student of warfare - this guy is the professor.

He was part of the 183rd Airborne Division (the 183rd was a composite unit of hunter killers made up of elements from the 101st and the 82d)
The 183rd was down south chasing Carl the Hyena (Carlos the Jackals 3rd cousin) during the height of the cold war.
This guy was there.

When ODA 226 out of 5th Group inifltrated the PLO...
...this guy was there.

When ODA 789 from 10th Group did the recon of the alien tunnels at the South Pole - this guy was THERE.

He was low crawling across a cow pasture down south when an RPG detonated at his feet, it sent a giant hunk of frozen cow-patty into his low back that almost severed his spine.
That bullshit is still inside of him !!!

Any time the military has an operation that can't fail, they call this guy in to train the troops!
He's the kind of guy that would drink a gallon of gasoline just so he could piss in your campfire.
You could drop this guy off at the Arctic Circle wearing a pair of bikini underwear, without his toothbrush, and tomorrow afternoon he's going to show up at your pool side with a million dollar smile and fist full of pesos.

This guy's a professional, and you guys are just a bunch of hypersensitive cis-gendered toxic males.

Shame on you.
All of you.

That is all.

Joker 04-22-2021 20:05

Nathan Ball fake Green Beret.
Nathan Ball fake fake sniper.

JimP 04-23-2021 07:25

What the hell is a "warhead diffusion specialist?" I vote we send Swoop to it.....:D

Box 04-23-2021 08:08


Originally Posted by JimP (Post 668736)
What the hell is a "warhead diffusion specialist?" I vote we send Swoop to it.....:D

You mean you've never heard of a Special Forces Warhead Diffusion Specialist?

Do I have to explain everything to you gents ???
Diffusion is the net movement of anything from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. Diffusion is driven by a gradient in concentration.
In the context of Special Forces - posers, frauds, wannabes, and men that drive minivans are greater in number than men who have been specially recruited, tested, assessed, and trained to be Special Forces Soldiers.

In areas with high civilian populations, there is a MUCH bigger difference in the ratio of minivan drivers to non-minivan driving Special Forces Soldiers resulting in a steeper concentration gradient. The steeper the concentration gradient, the faster diffusion will occur. This is why we see such an increase in operators of Ball's caliber when there are fewer REAL Soldiers in the area to slow the rate of poser-diffusion.

Then again, the possibility still exists that "Diffusion" was just a poor word choice for a guy that was holding himself out as having expertise with Explosive Ordnance Disposal in addition to his claims of being a Special Forces Solider (happens all the time in the business of poser-to-SF diffusion).

Maybe he was just suggesting that he knew how to defuse warheads.
Ironically, Warhead is also the name of an EXTREMELY sour hard candy that will make your face pucker up.

7624U 04-23-2021 18:22


Originally Posted by JimP (Post 668736)
What the hell is a "warhead diffusion specialist?" I vote we send Swoop to it.....:D

When your walking point like this guy and take RPG's to the chest so your buddy could live. "warhead diffusion"
They just got his rank wrong in S-1, He rates as a CPT. "Captain Diffusion" now that is a real Hero.

Swoop 04-24-2021 05:22


Originally Posted by JimP (Post 668736)
What the hell is a "warhead diffusion specialist?" I vote we send Swoop to it.....:D

Nope, no thank you! :cool:

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