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MVP 04-30-2010 12:50

Team Code names
Some of my team mates have been given some interesting "code-names" by the Tm Sgt. There was usually an interesting f+++-up or perhaps story behind each of those names, one such was "Shit House Man". He got his name because he came in a little early and we had 13 guys on the team. Having but 12 lockers the team sgt told him to put his gear in the closet in the shit house... Another "Prairie Dog" got his name from a riverine op, he was perched in the bow of a Zodiac watching for rocks and looked like a prarie dog sitting up in a hole. There was also "flash", hit a high power electric fence with the barrel of his rifle in a heavy rainstorm.

Anyone like to share some other "code-names"?


kengo383 04-30-2010 14:03

Team Code Names
Johnny Bravo, Stinky, Psycho Man, History Man, Bubbles to name a few! I will leave the explanations a mystery.

1stindoor 04-30-2010 14:33

Los, Cliff (as in Cliff Claven from Cheers), Stormin' Mormon, Chewy, One-ball, 13th Warrior, Mr. Magoo, to name a few I've had the honor to serve with.

MVP 04-30-2010 14:53

Add a little explanation....
We had a Warrant that was dubbed "2K". When asked, the RON, RP etc. where always just 2 klicks away...

Although not on my team (or Bn) there was a guy in 3/10 that was christened "combat" by the CSM. Got the name when enquiring which team would get into combat first.


Richard 04-30-2010 15:25

Beaver {large incisors}
Dirty Ben {preferred mayonaise over KY as a lubricant and Phantom Sh**er in 18th ABC NCO Academy}
Grit {accent you wouldn't believe and tough as nails}
Wee-Wee {last name began with W and had a hyper-focus on 'working on the railroad'* - there was 1, 2, and 3 as we had three with the same last name in the same camp}
Strange Ed {medic who would accuse team of being out to get him and rifling his gear - booby-trapped his hooch in camp}
Taco Six {Hispanic B-TM CDR - not a term of endearment}
Northwoods {tracked 180 degrees wrong during HALO jump at Ft Bragg - located by DZ medics at Little Whale restaurant near Raeford sitting in shade on front steps drinking iced tea}
Wash {second 'Pigpen' on the same team}
Pawa {;)}
Buddha {large belly and necklace with a half dozen buddhas - looked like his namesake when seated wearing nothing but a pakamah}
Motor Pool {had a bigger crank than any vehicle in the yard ;)}
Whiskey {favorite drink}
Bad-Eye {never could tell where he was looking}
Fang {incisors like a vampire}
Purple {after the song Purple Haze}
Waldo {guy could disappear anywhere - hard to find like the character in the books}
Broke Dick {suffered a vascular rupture during a sexual encounter - penis did 90 degree turn about 1" from groin - had to be repaired surgically}
Moose {large Norwegian from Minnesota}
Ratman {05C}
Seafood {smaller than normal penis - kidded about dating women who enjoyed a 'shrimp' platter}
Weasel {sneaky, pigpen sort}
Sasquatch {large Tm Ldr you could hear coming a mile away}


*PM me if you don't understand the reference.

Zorro 04-30-2010 19:10


Originally Posted by 1stindoor (Post 328241)
Los, Cliff (as in Cliff Claven from Cheers), Stormin' Mormon, Chewy, One-ball, 13th Warrior, Mr. Magoo, to name a few I've had the honor to serve with.

"One ball"..... so much fun with the new medics in the company!

2018commo 04-30-2010 20:52

Big A, No Idea, not what the wife calls me...
Tommy Tooley, Warped nursery rhyme , little Tommy Tooley, Big Boy Bad Boy (see avatar)
Gag Man, Monogrammed all his stuff GAG
Jimmy the Jit Bag, His Favorite insult, now he wears it, a Philly thing...
EWOK, Dark Green Medic under five foot , built like a fireplug, Team SGT always did finger check!
F-ing Tommy, Company supply SGT-SGM always refered to him as F-ing Tommy
Lt Plywood, what he looked like in Freefall
CPT Charts, Det CDR couldn't remember his name, everything had to be on a chart for brief-backs
Major Nuisance, CPT Charts got promoted
Colonel Chaos, Major Nuisance got promoted again
Fubar Six,O-5 Team Leader WMD stuff, self explanitory
SGM Starfish, Vietnam Vet SGM, couldn't swim a lick, put him in a shorty for desert storm swim test...
The walking dude, SGM Starfish after he made us spend a weekend dry firing vs skydiving, (no car)
Accu-Mac, OPS NCO could memorize FM's and AR's
Higginbottom, Cheese eating DET CDR (from Dunga-din)
Double O'Leary, thought he was a secret agent
Crazy Lee, Det CDR, was nutz..

1stindoor 04-30-2010 21:15


Originally Posted by Zorro (Post 328289)
"One ball"..... so much fun with the new medics in the company!

The best one I think was with "cliff" who thought he had found "it!" :eek:

Deadhead 63A1 04-30-2010 22:00

We had a post-SFAS/pre-Q Course OJT guy for a short while by the name of Mike. He quickly became "Carl" because we already had three Mikes.

Stras 04-30-2010 22:04

Whistle Foot

Mr Furious 05-01-2010 04:13

…just a few

Firewalker (wore a pair of Converse with flames once and was branded forever)
Sir Munch-a-lot (born a farm, volcano metabolism, appetite like a big ole dog..would eat the scraps from your plate)
Dr Funk (malodorous medic…it didn’t matter how long he showered after PT)
Danimal (Gym rat extraordinaire and would work tirelessly at getting Diesel)
Jetfuel (Twin brother of Danimal and only 0.002 seconds faster than him in a sprint, but would never let him forget that)
Tomahawk (stereotypical 18B with a serious infatuation for edged weapons)
MAJ SpongeBob (you have to tip your hat to the Ranger secure enough in his manhood to sport SpongeBob Squarepants pajamas at the SOCCE)
Mr Furious (a well deserved closed door team ass-chewing was administered, and fellow Tm Sgt hung this around my neck…for posterity)

Kyobanim 05-01-2010 05:06

This thread is useless without the stories. :munchin

Box 05-01-2010 06:03

Cloths-pin (engineer)
E-Bay (a weapons guys that was on e-bay all the time)
9-Volt (commo guy)

The Reaper 05-01-2010 07:20

Douchebag and Dufflebag.


Richard 05-01-2010 07:22


Douchebag and Dufflebag.
And their precious banana tree...:rolleyes:


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