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Longstreet 10-05-2021 12:12

Going Rate for Tactical Shooting Instruction
What is the going rate for tactical shooting instruction?

I understand it will depend on the qualifications of the instructor and that one often gets what she/he paid for.

My question stems from a pricing I got for a private tactical shotgun training where the instructor is charging $300 cash for three hours of instruction - which does not include ammo and I am using my own shotgun.

This seems a bit high for me, but I am new to such shooting and would like to know if this is a "typical" rate.

Please respond. Thanks.

7624U 10-05-2021 18:17

Dan Broko's charges around 275 per day per student. = 4-5 hours of range time per day.

Gunsite has a good course it works out to around 60 bucks per hour.

Ambush Master 10-27-2021 19:34

I know several Folks that have been through Gunsite and they are all VERY competent Guns and they speak very highly of the Courses!!

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