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Roguish Lawyer 11-23-2021 13:31

FARC off the terror list
WSJ just reported that Biden is taking the FARC off the list of terrorist organizations. What say you, 7th Groupers? :munchin

The Reaper 11-23-2021 14:57


Originally Posted by Roguish Lawyer (Post 672126)
WSJ just reported that Biden is taking the FARC off the list of terrorist organizations. What say you, 7th Groupers? :munchin

Has FARC renounced violence and halted terrorist activities?

I can't see where any politician would do this, as there is a whole lot of risk and very little upside.

Maybe FARC are art admirers looking to add to their collection.


Box 11-23-2021 21:23

Maybe they bought a few of Hunter's paintings. Or who knows, maybe they cashed in a few vaccine-bonus-bucks after getting the jab.

Besides, why are we being critical of a group of mostly drug-free, mostly peaceful protestors?

casey 11-24-2021 10:23

They all now self-identify as Amish Trans BLM activist, and hence are no longer a threat ....

Swoop 11-25-2021 06:29

You forgot “distracted Uber driver”….

Box 11-26-2021 23:54

When I watch our selected representatives conduct this sort of business I can't help but wonder how we ever got here. I look to the sky and think to myself - that cloud looks like a rabbit - that cloud looks like a horse - that one looks like a car - then I wonder, what do the clouds say to each other as they look down on us from above and discuss what we look like...

Cloud Number 1: look at that one - she looks like a movie star

Cloud Number 2: look at that one they keep calling Brandon - he looks like an idiot

Airbornelawyer 01-02-2022 07:29

If I thought the Biden Administration capable of sophistication, I might credit this as part of a carrot-and-stick approach with regard to the FARC and the so-called "FARC dissidents" who refuse to abide by the FARC's peace deal with the Colombian government. A carrot to the former militants who now work within the political system, with the stick of continued military support to the Colombian armed forces in the fight against the dissidents.

The "stick" would include 145 new M1117s being delivered from last month through 2022:

I'm pretty sure the ASV deal goes back to at least 2020, so the only real credit to the Biden Admin is that they didn't derail it.

Joker 01-06-2022 17:34

A very big mistake They are still on the CPOT List (Consolidated Priority Organization Target).

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