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MAB32 07-27-2004 22:57

Question on firestarting?
Gentlemen please forgive me if this sounds like a dumb question but I hope you will humor me.

Last year I saw a special on one of the network channels on SF going through SERE. In one of the segments they showed an instructor using what appeared to be a wire saw cutting thru a 4"-5" log as fast as he could. He then took the loop of the saw and touched what appeared to be powder from a cartridge and it ignited.

I have been collecting "Aircrew Survival Equipment" for over 20 years now and not one manual, military or otherwise, ever showed this technique. I would think that circumstances would just about have to be perfect for it to work.

My question is "Did I see the whole thing as it is suppose to happen or did I miss something? And if so, would anybody agree with me that that seems like allot of work when there are easier and less energy consuming ways to start a fire?

Razor 07-30-2004 21:04

The technique is relatively simple: using the saw heats up the wire, which is then used to ignite the gunpowder. Not my first choice in firestarting techniques, but if you can't find any dry tinder and have a round to spare (or really, really need a fire right now to stave off hypothermia or create a signal fire), its a viable alternative. Just another tool for the toolbox.

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