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TonyY 12-23-2005 21:03

OLD Alumni
Just thinking were/are any of you 10th group 71-75? The only one I have heard from or have been in contact with in 30 years was my old team daddy and that was at the Vegas 2004 SFA reunion.

longrange1947 12-23-2005 21:29

Co A, 3d Bn, 10th - ODA 313 in 74 - 76.

QRQ 30 12-23-2005 22:42

Old Alumni?
ODA-2, 1965-1967 PHK.:D :lifter

TonyY 12-25-2005 22:55

Rich and Terry I have listened and abosorbed your posts throughout the years. Thanks for the wisdom and knowlede you have past on to me and others. Old dogs are not as stubborn as people think and sometimes they acually do want to learn new things from the best of the best.

I was hoping I might hear from some team mates of the past. Ron D. Bobby C. Fred S. Kotlow, DeGregory, Youst, Fallone, Herbie, Carlise, Mott, etc. and any other guys of the past in C 3 10th and the ones I missed.

It's great how you can converse with the old and new guys here, but it would really be great for me to hear from those of the past that were on the same team and how we could ball bust each other day to day and still rely on one another when presented with a challedge. I hope they all made it big time over the years they desirve it.

Wow!! Reminising over the past. What becomes of me. I guess it's old age with a lot of respect.

Anyway stay safe and continue on the path of those that still are remembering. health and Happiness for the next year. God Bless.

QRQ 30 12-27-2005 18:47

There was an SFC Kotlow in CoA, 10SFGA in 65-67. He had a huge nose, wore his beret like he was in the Polish Navy and included "Goddam" in every sentence at least once, like: "I be goddam sergeant in the goddam army goddam."

Could this be the same person. I believe he retired as an E-9.

longrange1947 12-27-2005 20:48

I think he was a MSG in 69 or 70. His english wasn't quite as good as you just depicted, but then the accent is hard to bring on to the web. :D

TonyY 12-28-2005 03:39

When I left Devens in 75 Apollo Kotlow was the Hvy Wpns guy on ODA332. I believe he was an E-7 at that time. And I have to admit he was a real looker. Nice guy but slow as shit. I spoke with my old team sgt at an SFA convention a couple of years back and he came up in the conversation. He said last he heard was that he was still alive and living in Ma. I would guess he is up there in age because he had to be in his late 40s, early 50s in 75.

longrange1947 12-28-2005 09:42

If we are speaking of the same guy, I believe he was one of the last DPs on active duty. I thought he was a MSG but then again, at the time, I was a newbie and was keeping my head low and my eyes and ears open. :D

QRQ 30 12-28-2005 09:55

When I knew Kotlow he was an SFC. He may well be one of the last DPs on AD. When I was in the 10th CoA was loaded with DPs since our AO was Eastern Europe. The other DPs were a trip always referring to each other as Dump Pollaks, Crazy Czechs, etc. I used to joke that I went to Language School so as to communicate with my team mates since I was the only one who didn't speak english as a second language.:D

These guys were just as dedicated and hard working as they were hard headed.:lifter

Blitzzz (RIP) 03-16-2009 09:38

Looking for old ODA 216 members
I don't what to post this stuff in the open so if you'd PM me with any info on that designation team. in particularly all Medics (91B3S) Just looking yo expose someone who claims to have been a 216 member as a Medic. Thanks Blitzzz

bost1751 03-16-2009 10:16

I was on 214, A/2/ 10th from the end of 72 until the Drill Sgt deal caught me in 75. I remember Kotlow as an E-7. Also, if Herbie is Herb Cosby, he committed suicide not long after retirement ( a few years). Bear Reinitzer (sp?) was still around in 1980 and a little after. He made E-9. He was perhaps the last of the old 10th Gp DPs.

Richard 03-16-2009 17:20


Originally Posted by bost1751 (Post 254936)
Bear Reinitzer (sp?) was still around in 1980 and a little after. He made E-9. He was perhaps the last of the old 10th Gp DPs.

Sobichevski, Maracek, Schiller, Nagy, Olchevek - there were still a few around after that time. I would guess Sobi was around the longest. :confused:

Richard's $.02 :munchin

bost1751 03-16-2009 18:41

Yes, Col Marachek was at DLI the same time I was. I can't remember what language they found to send him there for as he could speak several. Swead Jensen was still in Tolz when I left in 1980 also. After the deal with the new o=6 and the wife.

Hartley 03-19-2009 17:31

I was in Tolz 75-78 - I remember Bear, tho I didn't know him all that well. I didn't realize Fritz Schiller was a DP - he was my TS on 5 when I got there in '75. If he was, he never talked about it. He spoke good German, tho. :)
Was SGM Duttlinger a DP, too?

lksteve 03-19-2009 19:58


Originally Posted by bost1751 (Post 254936)
Bear Reinitzer (sp?) was still around in 1980 and a little after. He made E-9. He was perhaps the last of the old 10th Gp DPs.

he was the Bn. SGM when I got there in 1980...He retired in 1983...

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