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Stoney71 12-12-2018 17:07

New Member from B company10th SFG 1970-1971
My name is Roy 'Stoney' Burkhart'. I would like to hear from some of my old team members.
SMG Melvin mason
SSgt Lewis
SSgt Tuperville
Medic Glenn Takenaka
Mike Ryman

Just found out few days ago David Bedwell died June 28, 2018. I spoke to his twin brother Donald. Donald was also in B company 10th SFG, dif team
Others I can't remember.

Am in contact with Lt. Rob Hepler and Lt Randolph Kimble

I am also in contact with Medic Steve Yevich at Devins same time as me. He is a member of SF List, as am I.

Would love to hear from any guys that went through Training Group with us and anyone that was at Deven at the same time.


Pete 12-13-2018 04:14

Stoney, your first post should have been in the intro thread. Make one.

This post will become old after a while and the only thing people will have to go by is your profile. You should put a little more info in it.

Hartley 12-16-2018 13:53

Capt Hepler?
Hello Stoney,

My time is after yours, but my first TL was Captain Robert Hepler (221) - same guy?


Stoney71 12-19-2018 16:42

Lt Hepler
Good to hear from you. Yes, i'm sure it was the same Hepler. He was an Lt. as our TL, but went to VN and came back to Devens as a Captain, after I left Novemember 1971. Was Lt. Randolph Kimble, SMG Melvin Mason, Glenn Takenaka, Ryman or SFC Lewis there?
Rob Hepler is owner of Hepler Hardware in Pennsylvania. I spoke to him a few months back and got a Christmas card the other day.

Have been trying to remember some of those guys, but it has been years. As I mentioned in my first message, David Bedwell Demo Sgt on our team is gone.
Would love to hear about your time with Rob, we called him Bob, but now goes by Rob, as not to be confused with his father Robert.

I just looked at your Profile and see that you were 72-75 as a commo guy. I also see that you were in Bad Toelz 76-78, did you know Bobby Jo Peace? He would have been in Bad Toelz around the time you were there.
I went through Training Group with him and have since been in contact on Facebook.

Hartley 02-04-2019 20:14

Hi Stoney,

That's him for sure - I'll look up Hepler's American Hdwr online and send him a note - I remember him talking about getting out and going back to his old man's hardware store.:)
Well, I was a green "SF Baby" and 221 was my first team - Capt. Hepler kept Joe Singh from killing me the first year :) Unfortunately, Joe is now a few years gone - I went looking for him and found him about a month too late.

Bobby Jo Peace doesn't ring a bell - I was on 5 for my whole time in Toelz, so there were many names I've forgotten, I'm afraid.

Sri about the delay - things have been hectic here getting our home/boat fixed up for the Bahamas and I hadn't checked back in a while. I'll try a bit harder next time.


Pete 02-04-2019 20:49


Originally Posted by Stoney71 (Post 648416)
Good to hear from you.


Enjoy your new handle - FTFSI (Failure To Follow Simple Instructions)

twistedsquid 02-04-2019 22:19


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