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mffjm8509 05-23-2004 17:24

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Guys from 10th Group, or former guys from 10th Group log who are on the board log in...

10th SFG 1994-present, with a short break to work at SWC

QRQ 30 05-23-2004 17:37

Member 10th SFGA 65-67 -- HHC, Co E (Sig), ODA-2 and proud member of the T.U.R.D.:D

Razor 05-23-2004 17:51

Your company, 043, 97-98. Welcome aboard!

Jack Moroney (RIP) 05-23-2004 20:18

69-70 Cdr B9, S3 C3
79-82 Cdr B/2/10; XO 2/10

Jack Moroney

mffjm8509 05-23-2004 21:55


I was in A company as well during the times you posted....on 044 right accross the hall. Where are you now?


Max_Tab 05-24-2004 00:50

B co ODA 053 99-01

mffjm8509 05-24-2004 17:15


I probably know most of the guys from that team/timeframe.....Bill Boley had the team during some of that time anyway.....and another good friend of mine was also an 18E on that team...


Max_Tab 05-24-2004 19:54

Had dinner with him right before I deployed, he's doing well. As too the echo kick me a PM with his name, There were two differant SR Echo's while I was there, and I worked with both of them.

troy2k 05-29-2004 04:41

New on all counts
Just signed on the boards, and got to 1/10 in Jan. I'm the medic on 011. Came from 5th Grp after my wife got a DA Civilian job down in Garmisch last summer. Want some fun? Try pushing through a 4187 from Baghdad.

mffjm8509 05-29-2004 09:08


Glad you made the transition to the you already know the a/o is much nicer to work in than your previous one. Unfortunatley we (those not in 1/10) arent getting much time to work in it anymore........Hell we even have GMVs now


x SF med 06-08-2006 11:35

C/2/10 ODA 061, 065 ODB 060 - 18B, 18D 1984-88 Devens

bost1751 06-08-2006 14:01

A /2/10th; 73-75, ODA-6(A/1/10th), 77-80, 3/10th, 84-89

uboat509 06-08-2006 14:56

1/10 Jun 03 to present. I have my final out tommorrow and then I report to Carson on Monday.


Abu Jack 06-08-2006 16:55

ODA 041 which switched to 043 92-96
Group S-3 96-97 (broken tib-fib)
ODA 016 97-2000
SWC 2000-2002
ODA-025 2002-2004
ODA 015 2004-2005
SOCOM 2005- present

MtnGoat 06-08-2006 20:53

ODA 053 97-02
SWC 02-06
3rd SFG

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