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frostfire 03-23-2017 22:03

no problem

who needs firearm when you have a completely legal 1 ton+ weapons laying everywhere. Reminds me of TR's post on the use of vehicle as weapon.

I am quite surprised (but glad!) that this did not make the early bird section.
Once the West got more accustomed to and desensitized to this low tech high exposure strategy, it will lose any emotional impact. Nice!

Still, I try to picture a similar scenario in VA/DC. Definitely have to identify one self quickly when pulling out SBR/PDW to "distract" the driver.

CDRODA396 03-24-2017 03:13

Yeah, I had already completely forgotten the Paris attacker with the truck killed 86. That puts him right near the top of the mass murderer list, gun free.

rsdengler 03-24-2017 06:23

The new "preferred" method for "Islamic Terrorists"...the Vehicle Plow Weapon, take out as many people you can with one drive-thru. 1 year to the day of the attacks in Belgium. Such cowardly acts of violence which is typical of "Islamic Terrorists" and their disciples. And on today's news websites, this attack was no longer "front" page news; thrown to the back burner. They are now back to "bashing Trump"......

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