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Bechorg 12-12-2013 18:57

Jane Wayne Concepts

I am looking for any recent Jane Wayne range concept powerpoint briefs. If you have them please PM them to me.

Peregrino 12-12-2013 20:45

Contact 1st SFG(A)'s S3 shop. We just processed their latest request two (?) weeks ago.

Bechorg 12-13-2013 15:31

Do you have the comm contact number for 1st group s3?

Peregrino 12-13-2013 15:42

Unfortunately not; I'm on leave and won't RTD until Tuesday. If you have NIPR access look up their S3, they can forward you the entire packet (we only require certain parts for coordination, that's why I pointed you at the Group).

The Old Guy 01-31-2014 14:26

I have several digital copies of some done here. One was done for the Ranger Trainnig Brigade. PM me your email address and I will forward.

Dive08 02-05-2014 06:27

Check your PM - I just planned one and have the concept brief as well as many of the waiver memos. I hope you started early bc some of the waivers take a looong time to process.

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