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Para 02-26-2007 22:02

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Some interesting on COIN Ops in Afghanistan. The thesis has some validity to it as USSF gets further removed from any influence/command and control in the Afghan National Army and becomes more reliant on it's "By, Through and With" local national forces being either Afghan National Police or Afghan Border Police.

archade 01-07-2009 18:47

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hi dear warriors,

here are some additional stuff for COIN studies :

archade 01-07-2009 18:51

Sorry for last file, I didn't watch so carefully I expected the previous studies in the thread. I will post a list of others studies too heavy to be attached here at the end of the week.

archade 01-19-2009 16:00

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Feel free to contact me if you are looking for other studies on this topic. The upload limit of 1 Mo doesn't help me to post :-)

archade 01-29-2009 19:16

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another study under 1mo

archade 09-02-2009 16:28

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a new study
My € .02:munchin

alfromcolorado 09-03-2009 16:17


Originally Posted by DDilegge (Post 130821)

As always, thanks for the professional endorsement. We put a lot of work into the site, the magazine and the discussion board and hope it is useful...

I am particularly proud of the library...

Again, much appreciated...

Dave Dilegge

Small Wars Journal

You are a favorite link for everyone, civilian and Marine, working IW Branch Marine Special Operations School, MARSOC

archade 09-06-2009 09:58

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Dear QP

some others studies under 1 mo

My € .02

archade 09-13-2009 06:00

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others studies €.02

head 06-14-2010 11:12

"The COIN Warrior"
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Courtesy of SWJ.

“The COIN Warrior” Waging Influence
Hints for the Counterinsurgency (COIN) Strategy in Afghanistan
by Sean McKenna and Russell Hampsey

ISAFCAAT-E Memorandum Special to Small Wars Journal

The purpose of this document is to flatten the information sharing process across the force and provide information that we have seen throughout the Afghan Theater. The intent is to provide information to personnel in their pre-deployment training at the National and International Training Centers, as well as forces currently operating in the Afghan COIN Environment. The information contained in this document can be utilized as a pocket guide for continual reference.

Since the announcement of the Counterinsurgency Strategy with the publishing of the Integrated Civilian-Military Campaign Plan (ICMCP) we have advised and assisted numerous units from Regional Commands to Platoon sized elements. There are a few common threads that resonate throughout the lower echelons of command and we identified a need to address these universal issues.

This document is not a panacea, but should provide personnel at all levels with insight as to several techniques and ideas to put into their tool kit to improve their repertoire especially at the battalion, company, and platoon levels. The counterinsurgency environment in Afghanistan requires a customized approach in every village and valley; you are only limited by your imagination and ability to influence.

Richard 08-16-2010 15:32

Cilliers, CJ. Counterinsurgency in Rhodesia; Biddles Ltd, UK; 1985.
  • A Brief History of the War for Zimbabwe 1890-1979
  • Command and Control
  • Protected and Consolidated Villages
  • Operations Overload and Overload 2
  • Border Minefield Obstacles
  • Pseudo Operations and the Selous Scouts
  • IDAD - PSYOPS - Poplation and Resource Control, Civic Action
  • External Operations
  • Operation Favour - Security Force Auxiliaries
  • Intelligence
  • The Security Situation by late 1979
  • Conclusion
  • Selected Bibliography
Downloadable 7.5mb pdf file at -


BearW 08-17-2010 06:33

Great read.

Lots of good info here. I enjoyed the Unconventional COIN in AFG report.

Good link Richard, i'll be bookmarking that little guy.

Thanks Heaps,


berdan 09-30-2010 20:16

Frank Kitson and Trinquier
If anyone is interested, I have some PDF books of a few classics.
PM and I will email books by Frank Kitson and Trinquier...

"Gangs and Counter-Gangs"

"Low Intensity Operations"

"Directing Operations"

"Modern Warfare"

Also_ "Bunch of Five" by Frank Kitson is being reprinted. Have not located a PDF copy as yet.



archade 02-05-2012 16:58

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others studies

MtnGoat 02-06-2012 18:41


Originally Posted by archade (Post 433714)
others studies

These are some great reads. Nice post on all the PDF files. THX

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