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Golf1echo 06-07-2022 20:16

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Gourmet may look a little different depending on circumstances. Back in North Carolina enjoying some oak coals in the rain forest.

JJ_BPK 06-08-2022 05:14

OK, been out of the woods for a while.
What are we making?

Chocolate Hazelnut Peanut Brittle?
Peanut Pad Thai, w/ Chocolate Hazelnut Drizzle?
Or Chocolate Hazelnut Pad Thai, w/ Peanut sprinkles?

Whatever,, I'm in :lifter:D:lifter

1)Why is that can of Coors in the lower-left corner not open?
2) Is that a jug of shine next to the beer?

Golf1echo 06-08-2022 07:37

I remember back when one entered many drug stores the smell of fresh roasting nuts, I’ve had a hard time finding raw peanuts in Colorado, on closer inspection of the 10lb bag it says they were for boiling which wouldn’t occur to someone out West so these were liberated from that fate. A little fresh crunch and oak fire after the hard rain. You would have probably enjoyed the Four Roses better than the Coors but needed a break. What tastes great up in the mountains might not always equate back in civilization… if it’s still called that?

Badger52 06-08-2022 18:58


Originally Posted by Golf1echo (Post 674185)
I remember back when one entered many drug stores the smell of fresh roasting nuts

HH6 and I miss that incredibly. We must always tell our grandchildren that it was not a myth.

Nice repast it looks like you're going for. Way too futuristic for me. I'm the kind of lugnut that would wanna know where's the pound cake and the peaches.

Golf1echo 06-08-2022 19:42

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Badger the way people roast coffee beans I’m surprised the roasters haven’t made a resurgence, it use to smell so good. I could rarely afford them but remember the smell. Out West the roasted and roasted and salted peanuts in Safe… are inedible hard to believe they are sold at all and haven’t found big quantities of raw in the shell peanuts. I thought it was interesting you can buy big quantities here in the south of the raw peanuts but then read these were for boiling. Some here in the South come from New Mexico if all places. In Idaho I found big bags at the feed store and they were delicious but then I read not for human consumption :confused: which made me wonder about how they were fertilized?

There is a scene in Cold Mountain where a man is roasting peanuts on an grill and handing them out to soldiers in paper wrappers.

IIRC they offered cashews and pistachios…

As a side note as tasty as some of the Mountain House meals are I concluded they don’t seem to digest that well so I try to add some non freeze dried additions in hopes that helps.

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