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Badger52 05-19-2017 19:39

Sean Penn was unavailable for comment.

tonyz 06-14-2017 14:38

Socialism...inevitable failure...equally inevitable denial...have a good look Bernie supporters.

Chavista celebrities refuse to say they were wrong about socialism
By John Dietrich
American Thinker
June 14, 2017

The New York Times published an article on Venezuela titled “Dying Infants and No Medicine: Inside Venezuela’s Failing Hospitals.” It reads like an apocalyptic horror story and begins, “By morning, three newborns were already dead.” The author provides an explanation for this tragedy: “This nation has the largest oil reserves in the world, yet the government saved little money for hard times when oil prices were high. Now that prices have collapsed — they are around a third what they were in 2014 — the consequences are casting a destructive shadow across the country.” No other explanation is offered. Perhaps we will be receiving report of massive starvation in Saudi Arabia soon.

The article is a far cry from the glowing reports that greeted the assumption of power by Hugo Chavez. When Chavez was elected Venezuela’s people were the wealthiest in Latin America. Celebrities flocked to Caracas to pay homage to the new socialist leader. Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Danny Glover, and Harry Belafonte are just a few of the entertainers who have visited. Oliver Stone has made a film, Mi Amigo Hugo, about the Venezuelan leader. Now Venezuela appears to be suffering a food shortage. A survey by three universities found 75 percent of Venezuelans lost an average 19 pounds this year.

Have the Venezuelan revolution’s early supporters admitted they were wrong? Are they at all embarrassed? According to John Stossel they believe they were right to praise Venezuela’s move to socialism. Stossel corresponded with college professor Noam Chomsky. Chomsky’s reply to Stossel’s question about his support for Chavez was, “I was right." Chomsky blamed Venezuela’s problems on capitalists: “Capitalists were free to undermine the economy in all sorts of ways, like massive export of capital." Stossel quotes Marian Tupy, editor of who said, “More countries will refuse to learn from history and give socialism 'a go.' 'Useful idiots,' to use Lenin's words ... will sing socialism's praises until the last light goes out."

Socialism has failed repeatedly. How can apparently well-educated intelligent people maintain their faith in a failed system? The answer is that in spite of their claims of being based on science, socialism is a religion. It is the official religion taught in many public schools in the U.S. It is a form of Christianity without Christ. Millions of adherents will swear a vow of poverty to further their programs. The socialist elite, however, is another matter. This brings us to Maria Gabriela Chavez, Hugo’s daughter. According to Diario las Americas she has $4.2 billion in American and Andorran banks. The socialist elite does very well for itself. They apparently see no contradiction in living well as others starve. Communist defector Victor Kravchenko described this phenomenon when he was a member of the Soviet elite: “I found myself among men who could eat ample and dainty food in full view of starving people not only with a clear conscience but with a feeling of righteousness, as if they were performing a duty to history.”

Reuters published an article describing the role played by social media in the opposition to the government. Activists are posting details of the lifestyles of government officials and their families. They expose them as thriving from corruption while the “common man” is starving. One estimate suggests that $350 billion dollars have been misappropriated by Venezuelan officials. The Atlantic reported on a blog, “Relojes del Chavismo” that lists the brands and prices of watches worn by the Venezuelan elite. Vladimir Lopes, the Minister of Defense sports a $11,900 Rolex while the President of a state TV channel wears a $12,600 watch. Still these officials may be considered frugal compared to our own champions of the downtrodden. Former member of the House of Representatives, Jesse Jackson Jr., reportedly had a $43,000 Rolex.

The success of socialism seems to depend upon having the “right people” running the government. Are our advocates of wealth redistribution setting a good example for their followers? Do Bernie Sanders, Mark Zuckerberg, and the hundreds of entertainers and academic who advocate for socialism, wear hair shirts? Or do they live lives of incredible opulence maintaining several residences that remain vacant in their absence?

Badger52 06-14-2017 15:37


Originally Posted by tonyz (Post 628896)
Socialism...inevitable failure...equally inevitable denial...have a good look Bernie supporters.

Good link, thanks.

A socialist is simply a communist that hasn't pulled their gun. Yet.

Flagg 06-14-2017 19:58

Great article Tonyz!

I saw the name John Stossel in the article you linked. I remember him from his 20/20 days.

He is one of the very, very few journalists who I hold in high regard.

Here's the link thru article John Stossel wrote from your linked article:

Chomsky is a danger to freedom simply due to the large audience he has jedi mind tricked into thinking socialism could possibly work.

tonyz 06-14-2017 20:22

Socialism and Venezuela...the bodies and the denial just keep piling up.

Team Sergeant 06-15-2017 07:02


Originally Posted by tonyz (Post 628915)
Socialism and Venezuela...the bodies and the denial just keep piling up.

nancy pelosi & maxine waters blame the gov failure, government murder and protesting in Venezuela on climate change.

Good enough for me. :munchin

mark46th 06-15-2017 07:53

nancy pelosi & maxine waters blame the gov failure, government murder and protesting in Venezuela on climate change." TS

Yup- A failed socialist economic ideology and an ignorant, self serving leadership have nothing to do with it...

DIYPatriot 06-28-2017 10:42

Helicopter launches attack on Supreme Court

A helicopter has attacked Venezuela's Supreme Court in what President Nicolás Maduro called a "terrorist" incident. Four grenades were dropped on the court and 15 shots fired at the interior ministry on Tuesday, officials said. Rogue policeman Oscar Pérez said he had piloted the stolen helicopter to attack what he called a "criminal government". His whereabouts are unknown.
Article w/video

Badger52 06-28-2017 12:48

Hope he's got a safe haven; not like hiding a Mini-Cooper in the LA river basin.

tonyz 06-28-2017 14:03

"criminal government"

Lotsa that goin' around...

Badger52 07-11-2017 14:24

Restless natives?
Someone has upped the ante.

National Guard patrol hits roadside bomb in Venezuelan capital

A powerful roadside bomb went off during massive anti-government protests in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, leaving seven members of the National Guard injured.

Footage taken at the scene shows a powerful explosion hitting a convoy of National Guard officers riding motorcycles.

Seven officers were injured in the blast, commander-in-chief of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) Major General Sergio Rivero Marcano confirmed to the Venezuelan media, adding that five of them suffered third-degree burns while two others received second-degree burns.

The information about the casualties was also confirmed by Interior Minister Nestor Reverol and Information Minister Ernesto Villegas.
President Maduro has blamed external forces, especially the US, for triggering the unrest. He issued a statement to Washington last month, telling President Donald Trump to stop meddling in Venezuela’s affairs.
RT's story, which contains several video aspects.

tonyz 08-17-2017 13:48

Commie/socialist/globalist/big government on full display for those who want to see...

Police believe thieves steal Venezuela zoo animals to eat them

#WORLD NEWSAUGUST 16, 2017 / 6:54 PM / 21 HOURS AGO

Badger52 08-17-2017 14:26


Originally Posted by tonyz (Post 631108)
Commie/socialist/globalist/big government on full display for those who want to see...

Police believe thieves steal Venezuela zoo animals to eat them

#WORLD NEWSAUGUST 16, 2017 / 6:54 PM / 21 HOURS AGO


Originally Posted by article RE zoo animals starving
The government denied the animals had starved, insisting they had been treated "like family."

LOL. That's the problem.

tonyz 08-17-2017 14:31


Originally Posted by Badger52 (Post 631109)
LOL. That's the problem.

Gotta love it.

tonyz 09-25-2017 13:08

Socialism...more folks to - um - get on thier knees...sad
In Venezuela, they were teachers and doctors. To buy food, they became prostitutes.

Miami Herald
SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 12:08 PM


Dayana, a 30-year-old mother of four, nursed a beer as she watched potential clients walk down the dirt road that runs in front of wooden shacks, bars and bordellos. Dressed for work in brightly colored spandex, Dayana said she used to be the manager of a food-processing plant on the outskirts of Caracas.

But that job disappeared after the government seized the factory and “looted it,” she said.


Read more here:

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