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SeanBaker 02-01-2007 21:32

Microsoft Home Use Agreement
For all currently serving in one capacity or another (AKO login required)...


On 19 January 2007, LTG Steven Boutelle, the Army CIO-G6, signed the Army Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) memorandum, which detailed the Army Home Use Program guidelines. This program is now available for use by Army personnel (Active, Reserve, Guard, and Civilians). The Microsoft (MS) Home Use Program allows individuals to get a licensed copy of Microsoft Office desktop applications to install and use on a home computer. Please refer to the Microsoft Home Use Program page on the ASCP Web site: for details and procedures.
Allows access to most business-related software (Office included) for the cost of media + shipping. Office '07 will be available around the beginning of March. Vista is not available through this program.

Update (1 Mar 07): MS Office 2007 Enterprise Edition is now available through the site. Shipped price is $21.35. Enjoy

Masochist 11-10-2010 17:05

The Microsoft Home Use Program, which allowed Army military and civilian employees to purchase select software for $19.99, is no longer available. The offer expired along with the Army Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement (MS ELA), and it has not been determined if or when this program may be reinstated.

However, for anyone with a school/university email address (ending in .edu), you may be eligible to purchase Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 for $79.99.

You can also purchase Microsoft Windows 7 Professional for $64.95.

Masochist 11-10-2010 17:11

And for those without a .edu email address, Microsoft has the Office Home and Student 2010 - Military Appreciation Edition. Allegedly this is the version sold at BX/PXs.

Unlike the educational version listed above, this version only includes the following programs:
Word 2010
PowerPoint® 2010
Excel® 2010
OneNote® 2010

18C4V 02-02-2014 16:22

Microsoft Office Home 2013 for 10 dollars for military
Just passing this along. I ordered mine for 9.95.

The $10 Microsoft Office deal is back for the military.
You can get Office 2013 for just $9.95.
You can install it on two computers, must be Windows 7 or newer.
Office:mac also available for hippies.

You must be able to access your military outlook web access to do this:
(OWA: or )

Go to this link and enter your mil address:

then follow the instructions in the email sent to your mil account.

Thesis 09-08-2017 18:25

HTC Vive/ Oculus
Hello SF and SF selected ones please pardon my barging.

I'm a computer enthusiast and everyone knows that every year a new technology comes out and the last year one is outdated.

HTC VIVE and Oculus was a big hit and still going. I'm saving money to get my HTC Vive so I can play video games and modded games that are R-Rated (explicitly, not NR) so I can play my favorite video games like Fallout 4.

Oculus Rift is on hold for some reason and I don't know why but the HTC Vive is very awesome. From what I've seen so far.

I've seen some training with the 360 degree with the e-6's and get shocked when shot at. I've also seen a SF soldier go through the Battlefield game. Very, meticulous.

The VR training seems surreal to me as I am a avid Metal Gear Solid player after Nintendo so it seems real. Just passing my experience on and talking along as well.

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