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NousDefionsDoc 07-03-2004 09:12

Wining and Dining
I saw you guys talking about a food & beverage forum.

Vote for it or not and offer up potential names. It would probably fit best in the At Ease section.

Bill Harsey 07-03-2004 09:22

Hell yes, we mark our occasions with celebratory foods and drinks. Does this group do it different? Probably. Even the rations you guys pack in the field plays a part in how far you can go per excursion. Food and drink was a continual sub-thread in Major John Plaster's last book.

myclearcreek 07-03-2004 09:30

Since I can now cook to please myself, I am always searching for new recipes and ideas. I know very few drinks - Rum & Coke, White Russian, Frozen Margarita - that I have actually tried. On occasion, I come across a SPAM recipe that I will be happy to share. ;) Wonder if they make drinks with that, too? Hmmmmm. :eek:

Sneaky SPAM 'n Suds Station

Edited to add name suggestion - for NDD - no, I am not creative

NousDefionsDoc 07-03-2004 09:35

No name suggestions = no vote.

Bill Harsey 07-03-2004 09:48

Tactical Table.

Guy 07-03-2004 09:50

"QPs" food and beverages.:munchin

The Reaper 07-03-2004 10:46

The Mess Hall.

The Snack Bar.

The Club.



brewmonkey 07-03-2004 11:20


The Commissary

Sneaky Cafe

Jack Moroney (RIP) 07-03-2004 11:21

Guerrilla Grub

AngelsSix 07-03-2004 11:42

I like QP's

And The Gourmet Guerrilla Cafe

Ghostrider 07-03-2004 11:46

How about:

Commando Cafe


Trenchers and Quenchers

The Food Network......oops that's taken.;)

Bill Harsey 07-03-2004 12:35


Originally posted by Guy
"QPs" food and beverages.:munchin
OK Guy, I have to bite on this, what does that stand for?

The Reaper 07-03-2004 12:39


Originally posted by Bill Harsey
OK Guy, I have to bite on this, what does that stand for?

Look at the upper right of the page for two words in quotes which have the initials "QP".

How much firewater did you have last night, amigo?


Guy 07-03-2004 12:55


Team Sergeant 07-03-2004 14:21


Originally posted by AngelsSix
I like QP's

And The Gourmet Guerrilla Cafe

Break those down a bit and they sound real good...

The Gourmet Guerrilla


The Guerrilla Cafe.

C-4 Diner

Claymore Cafe

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