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mudfoot 01-31-2021 12:56

A Bowie I just finished
what do you guys think? It is 1084 High carbon steel, 6" blade with natural micarta scales. going to a customer in NC.

Sohei 01-31-2021 18:02

Beautiful work, Brother....

Eagle5US 02-01-2021 08:30

Beautifully finished, handle looks quite nice as well. You knife boys have some serious talent to tap. Please remain proud of your work.

mudfoot 03-04-2021 07:59

here is one giong out to a customer today
1084 black oxide, MOLLE kydex sheath

Sohei 03-04-2021 08:04

That's a work of art, Brother! Beautiful work!

mudfoot 03-05-2021 18:54

a new one today
this fighter is in 80crv2

Sohei 03-05-2021 19:00

As always, excellent work!

You have some talent, Brother!

JJ_BPK 03-06-2021 06:50

I'm jealous and envious :lifter

mudfoot 03-06-2021 09:03

thanks guys.

mcarey 03-06-2021 14:11

Nice Clean work! Look like they will fit the hand well. Good Job!

mudfoot 04-21-2021 15:08

here is a mini Kephart I just finished, 80CrV2 end cut micarta scales

Sohei 04-22-2021 06:35

Awesome work, Brother!

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