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ender18d 09-22-2018 18:05

Ronald Shurer II: Medal of Honor

Just saw this in the news today. DOL!

EDIT: sorry I clicked the wrong forum.... meant to put this in MOH forum.

mcarey 09-24-2018 09:04

Congrats to him! Well deserved.

Badger52 10-01-2018 16:53

Awesome. FNC has a video of the ceremony here.

SF_BHT 10-01-2018 19:02

Congrats Brother this is well deserved.

Continue to fight the good battle and I hope you beat cancer.
Stay strong....

Old Dog New Trick 10-01-2018 20:01

Congrats brother, well deserved!

tom kelly 10-02-2018 02:09

Ronald Shurer II : CMOH.
Gongrats, Well Deserved, Best Wishes to You & your family. Tom Kelly Det.A333 Camp Plei Mrong Vietnam 1964 also an 18Delta.

JJ_BPK 10-02-2018 05:08

Congratulations Brother,
Well Deserved :lifter

Sohei 10-02-2018 07:09

Congratulations, Warrior for a job well done!

Badger52 10-28-2020 06:03

Rest in Peace Soldier
Didn't know whether to put separately, or whether this can be moved into the appropriate forum.

Ron Shurer passed away after his battle with cancer.
He has been laid to rest in Arlington.
Hand Salute.

cbtengr 10-28-2020 06:34

Rest in peace never to be forgotten.

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