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Airbornelawyer 10-06-2021 17:39

Hollywood and the FWMF in Vietnam
I am racking my brain, but I cannot think of a single Hollywood production about the Vietnam War that mentioned any other of the forces in Vietnam other than the Americans and the Vietnamese themselves. There are a few that mention or show the French from the fighting prior to 1954, but I can't think of any that mention the Australians, New Zealanders, South Koreans, Thais or Filipinos. Nor, for that matter, a mention of the thousands of Canadians who joined the US Armed Forces, although Americans who fled to Canada to avoid the draft often get a Hollywood shout-out.

Am I missing any? Can any of you think of any films or TV shows that mention them? Maybe it's just American insularity or Hollywood ignorance. I remember that when I first saw Lethal Weapon, I thought it would have been cool to make Mel Gibson's Vietnam veteran character an Australian-American like Gibson himself. Outside of Vietnam, M*A*S*H, at least, showed other UN forces in Korea on several occasions.

From what little I can find on the Internet, their own media seem to be lacking as well. There are apparently several Korean films dealing with Vietnam, but I have not come across anything from the Philippines or Thailand. I've only found a handful from Australia.

The Odd Angry Shot from 1979 dealt with the Australian SASR in Vietnam. It is a bit of a mixed bag as a film, IIRC, but I have not seen it in decades.

2019 gave us Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan, an Australian film about Australian and New Zealand forces in the eponymous 1966 battle. I haven't seen anything but the trailer on YTube, but it looks well-made. The Wikipedia article says the movie got positive reviews, but that "Danger Close is problematic as a history lesson, ...." Looking at the actual reviews the article quotes, apparently the "problematic" aspect is that it is not a woke, preachy antiwar movie, which makes me more interested in seeing it.

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