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Pete 04-01-2021 08:09

Who Will Succeed Mahmoud Abbas?
Who Will Succeed Mahmoud Abbas?

A Look at some of the front runners.

"Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, is now 85-years old; he is frail and largely dysfunctional, as is his Ramallah based Palestinian Authority (PA), which he has presided over since 2005. Abbas has also been chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) since 2004. A third leadership position held by Abbas is that of the chairman of the Fatah (party and terror group at times). A majority of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza want Abbas to resign.

According to the Palestinian Center for Policy Survey Research, 64% of Palestinians are concerned that Abbas’ departure from politics would spark turmoil and insecurity because he has no clear successor. There is also the issue of corruption. Both top functionaries of the PLO and the PA are skimming money to their personal accounts while average Palestinians are hard hit economically. Abbas himself (according to Efraim Karsh in his book Arafat’s War) transferred some $70 million to his personal accounts in Europe. ...."

Box 04-01-2021 09:04

Maybe the democrats will appoint a Czar to ensure a smooth flowing, diverse, and culturally inclusive middle eastern sociopolitical landscape.

Joker 04-01-2021 12:43

I say Peelousee or Schemer.

tom kelly 04-01-2021 16:19

Successor to Abbas :
I nominate The dishonorable Hunter Biden...he could skim some $$$$$$ for the "BIG GUY".....

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