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Archangel 08-04-2005 15:06

Taliban Moving Back to Afghanistan Soon

NATO Taking Over Afghan Security in 2006

Oh Good Lord. :rolleyes:

It's good that our troops are going home, but...

CommoGeek 08-04-2005 20:19

The article is about half right.

Canada has a large element here in Kandahar with KAF expected to turn over to ISAF control in the next 6-8 months. The US isn't allowed to make any "permanent" structures here, the most robust thing is concrete pads for tents.

Bagram will be a US base for... a long time to come. Having spent a year there and over a month here and tlaking to folks I think you'll see BAF will remain a US base with the bulk of the American presence there.

SOF, US and Coalition are doing a kick ass job. I haven't heard any negative comments about any of the Coalition SOF units (French, German, NZ, etc.) so I'd expect those folks and their HQ element to remain gainfully employed.

All in all, unless some major changes occur I wouldn't get too worked up over the article.

NousDefionsDoc 08-04-2005 22:50

I don't see this as a negative. In fact, with recent events in Europe, it could be very positive.

Max_Tab 08-05-2005 05:17

The sooner we can get out of, the better. I'm getting tired of my summer home.

JGarcia 08-10-2005 12:19


I hope our schedules allow us a chance to meet when our paths cross.

CommoGeek 08-14-2005 17:05

PM sent.

Doc 08-14-2005 17:13


Originally Posted by CommoGeek
PM sent.

Shoot me one too while you're at it.


CommoGeek 08-15-2005 03:45


Originally Posted by Doc
Shoot me one too while you're at it.


Sorry, I wasn't too clear there I guess....the perils of homework and posting.

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