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MR2 03-27-2017 11:04

Has it been a month yet? Ten fingers says ten months and carry a few toes is another week. Hmmm...


Peregrino 03-27-2017 11:25


Originally Posted by MR2 (Post 625611)
Has it been a month yet? Ten fingers says ten months and carry a few toes is another week. Hmmm...


This could drag on a lot longer. Leftists don't admit failure or concede power unless forced to at the muzzle of a gun. Venezuela won't recover without bloodshed - a lot of it. I'm watching to see if I can recognizable the triggering event/tipping point when it happens and to determine if it's a unique event (special circumstances applicable only in Venezuela) or something with broad implications, replicable in other environments, that can be incorporated into a 21st Century "theory of revolutionary war" and put to practical application elsewhere.

trinity 03-27-2017 16:54


Originally Posted by Badger52 (Post 625608)
"...regularize the whole medicine issue." = the whole world should gimme free stuff.

"The United Nations has the most advanced plans to recover the pharmaceutical industry's productive capacity."

Meaning, of course, that Maduro believes that the UN can and should seize the world-wide pharmaceutical industry and force them to provide medicines to Venezuela, gratis, as you said. Socialism at its "finest".

DIYPatriot 03-31-2017 07:15

Venezuela Lurches Toward Dictatorship as Top Court Seizes Power
Well, this sure escalates things.


Venezuela slid closer toward dictatorship after the country’s Supreme Court gutted the only opposition-run institution -- the Congress -- seizing its powers and declaring the elected body invalid. The court’s ruling late on Wednesday night was, in the words of lawmakers, nothing short of a coup. Several opposition leaders called for street demonstrations and other forms of “democratic resistance.” As the once-wealthy oil power descends into a chaos of hunger and crime, however, it remained far from clear whether the increasingly despondent population will view the court’s move as a genuine turning point or just another step in the nation’s bottoming out toward hopelessness.

“This is not only going to cause alarm for concern within the region, but also actions, and at this point, it will be very difficult for countries to remain neutral,” said Carlos Romero, a political scientist at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas. “The government is provoking; not only has it not made a single gesture toward dialog, it has become completely entrenched.”

Opposition deputies said they would appeal to international bodies for help. But that may yield little. Two days before the court’s ruling, the Organization of American States met to urge Venezuela to respect the congress that has now been neutered. The U.S. State Department condemned the Supreme Court’s decision on Thursday, saying the move "greatly damages Venezuela’s democratic institutions," according to a statement.

Team Sergeant 03-31-2017 15:04

Venezuela Complete Dictatorship

Originally Posted by DIYPatriot (Post 625775)
Well, this sure escalates things.


I think that train has already left the station.......

Venezuela rule is now a total dictatorship. Castro, Mao, Stalin and Che would all be proud.

Badger52 03-31-2017 16:15

The international community will go a little batshit crazy (full-on batshit is reserved for their views of Trump, Orban, Le Pen, etc); there will be some candles lit, some diplomatic outrage, lots of hand-wringing & denouncements, followed by... nothing. Stick a spork in it, it's done.

Team Sergeant 04-12-2017 11:19

Just a matter of time...... and a few pallets of weapons
Socialist Dictator Nicolas Maduro your days are numbered. Just wait until the United States sends 10 pallets of weapons and ammunition to the "opposition". I'm sure sean penn will come and save you as soon as he's done shooting up.

Venezuela protesters throw eggs, objects at president during rally as unrest grows

By Alex Vasquez S.
·Published April 12, 2017

Unrest in Venezuela went up a few notches in the last seven days, as protests against Nicolas Maduro’s government have become part of the daily agenda for the increasingly fiery opposition.

Demonstrators in Caracas were bombarded with tear gas from helicopters and police have not been shy to use their weapons — two 19-year-old protesters died after being shot and hundreds have been wounded, including a baby at a hospital that was hit by gas bombs.

“We have seen helicopters throwing bombs, collectives that encircle people and activate tear gas bombs [on them] — it happened to me,” said lawmaker Delsa Solorzano, who is among the victims of the government repression with a fractured rib.

Meanwhile, angry Venezuelans threw objects at President Maduro during a rally on Tuesday, as the unpopular leftist leader waved goodbye at the end of a military event. The state broadcaster then halted transmission.


bblhead672 04-12-2017 12:07


Originally Posted by Team Sergeant (Post 626322)
hundreds have been wounded, including a baby at a hospital that was hit by gas bombs.

Someone in Venezuela needs to send Ivanka Trump a picture of the wounded baby and stand by for Tomahawks to arrive.

Peregrino 04-18-2017 12:12

We're getting closer!
This is going to get ugly. Reminds me of when Noriega formed the Di(n)gbats (Batallones de la Dignidad). They were bad enough oppressing the opposition populace but at least they weren't armed.

Team Sergeant 04-18-2017 16:30

Time to kill heads of state
This communist dictator needs a dirt nap. Time to change the "elites rules" kill them first.

"Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro"

I don't think so, how about:

"Bottom-feeding communist dictator Nicolas Maduro"

Yeah that's better.
At least the left-wing news media is also carrying this story.

Apr 17, 9:06 PM EDT

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced plans Monday to expand the number of civilians involved in armed militias as tensions in the crisis-wracked South American nation continued to rise.

Maduro said he hopes to expand the number of civilians involved in the Bolivarian militias created by the late Hugo Chavez to 500,000, up from the current 100,000, and provide each member with a gun.

Speaking to thousands of militia members dressed in beige uniforms gathered in front of the presidential palace to mark the force's seventh anniversary, Maduro said it is time for Venezuelans to decide if they are "with the homeland" or against it.

"Now is not the time to hesitate," he said.

The announcement comes as Maduro's opponents are gearing up for what they pledge will be the largest rally yet to press for elections and a host of other demands Wednesday.

Thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets since the Supreme Court stripped the National Assembly of its last vestiges of power nearly three weeks ago, a decision it later reversed. At least five people have been killed, dozens hurt and more than 100 detained in the demonstrations.

The Maduro government has vowed to hold a counter mass gathering Wednesday in defense of the socialist movement started by Chavez.


Badger52 04-18-2017 18:16

Would say time for some night letters, but looks too late.

Badger52 04-19-2017 16:25

2 dead after more demonstrations
Many pics and a few local accounts, courtesy RT.

Sean Penn was unavailable for comment.

Pete 04-20-2017 06:36

Word is getting out
And word is just getting out the government has taken over management of the GM plant.

I was a little surprised they hadn't done it sooner.

BrokenSwitch 04-20-2017 08:21



Until the slums rise up, Mr. Maduro will likely hang on, analysts say.


Many slum residents in Caracas and across Venezuela, however, say they are only vaguely aware of the protests and too busy trying to survive to worry about changing the government.

More than four in five Venezuelans say they don’t earn enough to meet basic needs and three-quarters say they have lost an average of 19 pounds of weight last year, according to the Encovi survey by Venezuela’s top three universities.


The lower classes have also been instrumental in giving the opposition alliance a record two-thirds congressional majority in the last electoral contest, held in December 2015. Polls show the poor would hand the government a drubbing in any vote held this year.

Yet that growing disillusionment hasn’t translated into organized protest, said pollster Luis Vicente León. Part of the reason, he added, is the opposition itself, whose predominantly upper-middle-class leaders have ignored the slums for years, believing they can oust Mr. Maduro or his predecessor Hugo Chávez by marching in opposition strongholds or triggering a coup.


Without support in the shantytowns, many opposition supporters fear the current protests will end like the previous wave of unrest in 2014, when three months of demonstrations in middle-class neighborhoods left 43 people dead—without achieving any political change. The failure of those protestshas demoralized and fractured the opposition alliance for years.

“For the masses to come out, they need to feel that they are at a point of no return,” said Félix Seijas Jr., director of pollster Delphos. “We’re still some ways away from that.”

It sounds like the people most badly hurt by the current state of affairs are apathetic toward any solution that involves working within Venezuela's political system, because even the organized opposition doesn't offer them any help. The only remaining options are to rebel, leave, or starve, and this article is leaning toward "starve."

Meanwhile, the protests continue, seemingly unabated....

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