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chance 01-07-2022 13:54

Christopher Welch 2/3rd SFG(A)
I have sad news for anyone that knew Chris, he was killed in what is looking like an ambush from his ex's boyfriend while doing a parental visit exchange. Please keep Chris and his family in your prayers..

The Reaper 01-07-2022 22:36

RIP, brother.

Prayers out, sorry for your loss.


glebo 01-08-2022 04:40

Damn, sad.. RIP. Prayers out to family and friends...

Combat Diver 01-08-2022 06:59

RIP Chris and prayers for his family.


chance 01-08-2022 07:49

It's been a rough 4 months for my agency. We lost two solid guys to just pure bullshit!

JJ_BPK 01-08-2022 10:13

RIP Brother, My deepest condolences.. :mad:

JJ_BPK 01-08-2022 10:21

RIP Brother, My deepest condolences.. :mad:

PRB 01-08-2022 11:43


SF_BHT 01-08-2022 14:18

Rest In Peace …

Joker 01-08-2022 14:50

Rest in Peace Brother. DOL

Swoop 01-09-2022 06:20

Rest In Peace. Prayers and condolences to family and friends.


Sohei 01-09-2022 09:16

Rest In Peace, Warrior…..

mark46th 01-09-2022 11:04

Rest in Peace...

doctom54 01-09-2022 18:27

requiescat in pace

CSB 01-10-2022 09:23


WHITE PINE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The third person shot in White Pine at a Pilot gas station has died, according to officials.

The shooting happened Monday afternoon. Officials with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told WVLT News that the incident stemmed from a
custody drop-off between the two parents who were meeting to change custody of their child.

According to authorities, Christopher Ray Welch, 48, of Harriman, Tennessee, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Kenneth Cook, 58, was previously in critical condition and on life-support at the University of Tennessee Medical Center following the shooting.
On Saturday, White Pine Police Department told WVLT News that he had also died from his injuries.
He was a reverend at the Mosheim Church of God and a veteran.

The 16-year-old girl, Teagan Welch, died from her injuries Thursday, school officials confirmed.
Christopher was the biological father and Cook was the stepfather of the teen girl, White Pine officials said.

A fourth person involved in the incident was not injured, officials said.
It will obviously take time to sort out ballistics, eyewitness reports, and video from surveillance cameras,
but not only did biological father and stepfather end up shooting each other, one or both also ended up shooting the child.
All three died. I suspect the "fourth person involved in the incident" was the mother of the child, ex-wife of Sergeant Cook,
but the local police are being very slow to release information.

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