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Martin 03-08-2005 02:15

Hosting: websites, files, etc
This was directed to me in a PM, but I think there are more opinions, knowledge and interest out here.

Do you know of a good company that provides a big hosting share and bandwidth?
I want to start learning web dev with dreamweaver and want to be able to do some music streaming.
I was looking at and

Or is it easier to get a server at home and start doing that? What should I consider for the second option?

Martin 03-08-2005 02:50

For the first question, one has to bear in mind that texts and pictures for web viewing don't occupy that much space - besides on the more massindustrial level.

Visitors also don't just all come at once - having that bandwidth available costs money, you might not need as much as you think. If you just want to tinker around, perhaps a simple webhotel, space through your ISP or a small server might do it?

Streaming puts other restrictions and possibilities into the game - the hosting service needs to have a streaming server like IceCast running or let you install yours (might be difficult to find). Of course there's a legal issue too...

I have no idea about specific hosting services! Perhaps we have some knowledgeable people running around here?

For your own server, I'd recommend Linux. FreeBSD is very good too, but slightly more complicated. You can however setup a server in Windows for free, see for instance

If you're going to put up your own server, you'll want a secure system and a system that you can control satisfactorily. To save some money and hone your skills, you might want to install a Linux system on your desktop, either beside or on top of your existing OS. I personally like Ubuntu Linux, which is derived from Debian, probably the most stable and secure distribution. The difference is that Ubuntu works out of the box with a graphical user interface, Debian puts you straight at the command line.They are both free and there are many other choises. Debian also has a mind nuggingly slow release schedule, which may or may not be a problem since backports of security patches are made ASAP.

It is not necessary to learn all command line stuff in Ubuntu, but the beauty is that it lets you be however point and clicky or under-the-hood as you like. Of course, to lap security holes with precision and put in certain countermeasures requires you to have a bit of knowledge and touch the command line.

There's endless to be said on this...

Kyobanim 03-08-2005 04:44

There's lots of hosting companies that don't charge an arm and a leg. I usually refer clients here because I know the companies system and can help out without needing to learn a new setup. They are linux/apache. Most companies are though the better ones will offer linux /apachee and microsoft servers. Both do the same thing but each system has it's good and bad points.

MOre thoughts on this later after I drink this coffee.

Smokin Joe 03-08-2005 05:01

I don't know Jack shit about hosting or web anything. This Forum is about as complicated as it gets for me.

I recommend Dan and Hilliker Technology. He built and hosts my wife's web page, at a VERY resonable price and will work with you on anything you want, except Porn.

Just my .02 cents

Dan 03-08-2005 06:53

Since the PM mentioned wanting to start learning, I'd recommend finding someone that supports using the software you want to learn and what capabilities you require to stream the music.

This way you can concentrate on learning the basics of your web development before learning how to secure a server.

I'd also be very careful legally...i.e. make sure the music is yours / the musicians the web site is for.

If you want to get started for free and learn a bit before spending any money on hosting, I'd second the check with your ISP recommendation. Most ISPs offer a limited amount of bandwidth...then once your ready figure out what streaming requirements you have and see who will setup any required software.

I'd take a gander in some forums like WebHosting Talk...they have a section to fit just about everyone's needs in web hosting. Do some searches and see others are doing / saying.

Another recommendation is to find someone that is already streaming music like you be interested in and asking them how they did it. You'd be suprised at how open many people are and helpful.

SnafuRacer 03-08-2005 13:04

I appreciate your suggestions. I had asked Martin for some insight, and he was kind enough to post it. I was reading some threads also on and found a sticky about hosting suggestions. Someone mentionned out of L.A (I'm in San Diego), so I will check them out. They offer about 5GB of disk space and 50GB of bandwidth for about 5$ a month. I'll check it out.
As far as audio streaming, it will be later on in time and mostly behind the fence. Mostly for my use and my family's.

ayandre92 12-11-2020 00:15

This site is not a place to sell your wares.

JJ_BPK 12-11-2020 07:30

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Originally Posted by ayandre92 (Post 664694)
I have been using _____ hosting company for best email and website hosting. I am very satisfied with the speed of loading pages, the quality of technical support. In addition, I earn money with them, for the order of another customer. I recommend 100%.

Ths is not an acceptable start.

When you asked to join this site, you were sent an email tasking you to
1)post an introduction
2)fill in your profile

Do not post again until you have completed the tasks assigned.

Additionally: Find the Reaper's post "A Message to Garcia" read it, then read it again. Use your google-foo and hunt for your answers, both here and on the web. Ask questions sparingly, there are no "new and improved" questions. Someone has already answered it. Just remember that color, date, temperature, and altitude are universal variables and don't alter the answer.

Also,, I would caution you to meter the need to reply to FIFTEEN(15) year old posts. :munchin

Box 12-11-2020 08:22

This has got to be worthy of a Blue-Ribbon in the Necro-Post Olympics.

Joker 12-13-2020 21:49


Originally Posted by Box (Post 664701)
This has got to be worthy of a Blue-Ribbon in the Necro-Post Olympics.

And if they don't post an intro they will be banned.

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