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All new members will be placed in a 72 hour reading only status. All new Quiet Professionals and others with good cause may request an exception to policy waiver from an Admin. Hopefully, that time will be put to good use searching, reading, and learning the rules, as well as acquiring decent Situational Awareness (SA) for the board. After 72 hours, new members will be promoted and will be able to post. An introduction would be a good way to start. (see Below)

Professional Soldiers Bulletin Board Rules:

1. We encourage new members to observe a forum before posting, which will avoid interrupting the tenor of a thread or a forum with inappropriate or irrelevant information. We also encourage the new member to use the board’s search options before starting a new thread which might be an inappropriate repeat of a subject that has already been covered.

2. Fill out your profile.

If you desire to engage a Quiet Professional in a discussion concerning issues you find interesting it is essential you fill out your profile. The Quiet Professionals are interested in knowing with whom they're discussing global terrorism before they post a reply. While you need not submit your birthday, a year of birth helps.

3. Introduce yourself with your first post.

When you come into our house we'd like to know a little about you. This assists in the framing of a response from a Professional Soldiers member.

4. No verbal attacks, flaming etc. Verbal assaults on a Professional Soldiers member will result in a warning and/or immediate banning from the bulletin board. Likewise a malicious verbal assault on a Quiet Professional will result in amusing the other Quiet Professionals and a possible banning by the board administrators.

5. Posting pictures: All posted pictures should be relevant to the thread they're being posted in. The posting of nudity will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate removal from the Professional Soldiers BB along with the poster.

6. Advertisements must first be approved by Professional Soldiers' Staff before posting. URLs in the signature line are not permitted. A link in a post is permitted as long as the link is relevant to the thread.

7. Think before you post. Post something unintelligent and we’ll let you know. Post something unintelligent twice and you’ll be gone. We ask no quarter and none will be given.

8. Use the search button. We are asked many of the same questions time and time again. The first time one asks a redundant question he/she will be warned, the second time might result in a banning.

9. Professional Soldiers' Staff reserves the right to edit, move, delete and/or ban anyone at anytime for any reason.

10. Individuals under the age of 17 are not encouraged to post. Individuals under the age of 14 are not permitted to register.

Professional Soldiers is owned and operated by Quiet Professionals. While all moderators may not be Quiet Professionals all of the administrators are and all have zero tolerance for foolish or troublesome members. Professional Soldiers' moderators have the total support of board administrators and Quiet Professionals. Any verbal assault on a PS moderator will not be viewed as amusing and will be dealt with unsympathetically by the board administrators.

Stupidity is not an excuse.

De Oppresso Liber

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