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02-16-2005, 18:52
My question is, It seems to be that SOCOM is putting more of an emphasis on higher education, how realistic is it for a special forces soldier to earn a bachelor degree while attached to an ODA? What would the estimated time frame be? Do you know anyone that has gotten a degree while being an operator?

02-17-2005, 13:42
JSOU is not a degree-granting institution. Its purpose is to serve as a doctrinal think tank for SOCOM. JSOU also provides courses in regional studies and other subjects, but these are taken on a case-by-case basis and do not lead to a degree. If you're looking to finish college, your best bet is probably to do eArmyU, Green to Gold, or the GI Bill progam. In any event, civilian education will not be your focus if you get to an ODA; accomplishing the mission and taking care of your teammates will be. Good luck.