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01-25-2009, 17:09
I've scoured this site regarding the PA+BSN+EMT-P side of the house when going into 18D (for the QPs who got accepted into the 18D program)

I'm looking heavily into becoming a 68W, (because 19D and 11Bs are too far away :( ...) but ultimate, plan on going into part-time firefighting, and working on a BSN, (with Trauma Medicine Specialty) and than getting my PA (or NP)... on top of working towards an EMT-P...

I've spoken with two AMEDD recruiters, one for the ARNG, and one for Active Duty in regards to this, but I've got some transferance questions.

If I were to go and stay Enlisted, the whole 68W w/ PA/NP and EMT-P certs and I were to work for, and achieve SFAS would it be wise to persue an SF career as something along the lines of 18B or 18C? Would that "be a waste" ?

Or if I were to go Enlisted route, and than persue an AMEDD Commission, could I later go on, and fight to become an 18A?

I read the AMEDD to Regular Officer side, and still have some uncertainties, is it a case by case basis? and would having such a background give any "Benefit" to a "A, B, or C Team" if I were to persue 18B, C, or the A route?

I know I may be DQd from SpecOps (may be forever stuck in "Leg Land" as it's called due to a vision waiver I have to get...) but would definitely atleast do what I can to work on getting a slot in the 19th SFG.

I was wondering if I could get opinions on this?

(And yes, I actually have two fingers that are bloody from using my keyboard, got 'em jammed between a couple buttons-bad keyboard lol)

I know SF right off the bat wont be able to work, so I can only make 15, 25, 30, 50, 100, and 300 meter targets at the moment... (with SF being the 100 Meter target for the time being)

01-26-2009, 09:34
Too many questions with too many variables.

Short answer...based on your provided information you currently have no medical training. That means you have a LOT of school to get accepted to, then pass, then decide of it is right for you to continue along that line of education.

Any amount of training and education is never a waste if it provides you a usable skill and job satisfaction.

I discourage folks from doing the 18D to PA route now because of the difficulty of USASFC and USASOC releasing SF Medics to attend the course. Their teams, and their Groups need them. If it times out right that they are able to get their school, and then apply once their team time is completed, and the strength of SF Medics supports it, they might get accepted.

The 68W route is much easier with fewer restrictions, but if you want to be an SF Medic, you are going to be less than happy during your tenure as a Combat medic and still have your deployments to contend with prior to your application.

The PA program does now take officers, however, you must receive a statement of release from your current branch to attend. Many officer who have been accepted have either not been able to get this release OR have had their release pulled due to "mission priorities / need of the Army". Additionally, you lose half your time served as an "O" and generally lose one pay grade until a year or so after graduation.

No route is "easy", and no route is a shoe in. Minimal time to attend complete based on your particular question is well over 5 years with the 18D track being well over 8 years...minimum time to BEGIN the PA course after acceptance.

Focus what you want to do...then as you already know, small bites eat the elephant.


The Reaper
01-26-2009, 11:27
IMHO, you are looking too far down the road.:rolleyes:

There are too many questions that you need to answer for yourself and gates you need to make before even starting this line of questioning.

Best of luck.


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01-27-2009, 06:37

I respond here with the blessing of Eagle5US.

Speaking in terms of formal education somewhere in the medical pipeline, there is a lot to consider with BSN/PA track.

Independant of the SF pipeline, education to BSN will allow you to take boards to then begin practice as a nurse. Not easy education, and not easy work. If your goal is advanced practice as a nurse, you will need graduate education in an advanced practice nurse specality, and there are many. You will then sit specialty boards for advanced practice nursing. This is probably six to eight years of education in nursing.

The fast track to advanced practice really is the PA route if that is where you plan to go. The formal education is very challenging. You sit boards in the end, as you would as an RN. I must plead ignorance as to how many years of education in the PA pipeline; I would expect a little less time.

IMHO, I have to agree with SF718, Eagle5US, and TR. You seem a bit scattered at the moment. If you have the grades, get into a pre-med program. Work hard and answer the question, "can I do this". Things will begin to gel for you as you progress in formal education.

My $.02.

RF 1

01-27-2009, 09:18
IMHO, you are looking too far down the road.:rolleyes:

There are too many questions that you need to answer for yourself and gates you need to make before even starting this line of questioning.

Best of luck.


Good advice as was the QP's post before you.

While it is great to set high goals for oneself, I think those who map out each step of their life miss out on trying things they might really like. I knew of only one man who knew what he really wanted to be at a young age and did it. He was told at age 12 he had to wear glasses, so that killed his dream of being a being a jet pilot. He decided to be a rocket scientist. He is one. He a brother in law, However, he still had time to be a damn fine officer in ADA for almost 10 years. The Army gave him an ROTC scholarship in 64-68 as an ROTC cadet, for his BSEE and after RVN and the Advanced Course at Bliss they paid for his masters in aerospace engineering. Yes, he owed two years of service (AD) for each year of school. He got his PHD in engineering Mgmt after the Army. But; it was the Army that he credits for his contacts and hands on missile training. Honestly. not even he had a road map like you have or seem to want to plan. I am not putting you down. Try one step/goal at a time, which he did.

01-27-2009, 10:24
I sincerely thank you all for your answers.

My frist goal, is scoring the job with the local fire department, (get through EMT school, and get experience in helping people, and perhaps giving people a second chance at life)

The PA would take roughly 8 years, (7 with the prerequisites, unless I go full time and take three-4 courses a quarter, than It'll take about 4, maybe 5 to secure the PA...+ BSN)

Enlisted wise, at the current moment, the best I could do would be Medic, but from what I'm gathering, I may not even be able to get Medic in the ARNG, or Reserve, it seems Military Police is the only Enlisted MOS that is really in any demand/slots open from what I'm hearing from Army national Guard Recruiters between Lynnwood to Spokane, And Army Reserve, I haven't been able to ge tinto contact with, Active Duty Recruiter, I may have let him down because of my new commitment to join my towns fire department (which I had originally thought was a 6 month obligation, instead it's a 2 year obligation, of which I've already committed too, but either way, it'll give me a pay check, and help me gain experience, and schooling towards my BSN/PA)

From what I've gathered, I can be both a Soldier, and a "Doctor", but the road it seems is increasing in obstacles by the day (which I WILL overcome)

But something I've learned, most recently, is every SF group has several 65Ds (PAs) which from what I hear, even assist the 18Ds in their medical training?

as well as the 75th RR and 160th SOAR, becoming a 65D would be high demand from what I'm hearing from others.

What I truly wish to do is get into a job to save lives (the lives of Americans preferably, while sending our nations enemies to hell, but that's my view of it, however, giving the lives of American Troops, and others a second chance, or God forbid a third, fourth, and even fifth chance at life, that would make my life most meaningful)

But on that same sidenote, from everything I've read about the Special Ops community, a SpecOps Officer has every ability to aid others, especially in "Winning Hearts and Minds"

Another thing I've recently learned, is the effects and abilities Army Medical can have in increasing American reputation, and truly making a difference (including QPs and other Men of Calibre) in the lives of other nations.

Thinking of which, making a difference in even one little kids life, even if it ment the death of me, would truly make anything, and everything I've ever done in my life worth everything I've struggled to accomplish, and all the work I've worked towards, worth everything.

The Reaper
01-27-2009, 10:38
I think that you are confusing SF and SOF, and still seem to lack a basic understanding of what you want to do with your life. You need to focus, and mature a bit.

Best of luck, regardless.


02-22-2009, 09:29
Agree with all,
One more food for thought. The Army G.I. Bill goes up considerably in Aug 09. This will include BAH(Basic allowance for Housing). If you do join the military in any capacity college is free while on AD and deployments include a ridiculous amount of down time. The 18D program is probably the wrong place for you to think about. That is a much bigger decision than a stepping stone. The reserves is a good choice. The Air Force can be a hard service to get into but, they do have better programs and opportunities for some of what you mentioned. Remember you have a long life ahead of you and the choices you make now will change over time!