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12-27-2007, 14:21
Hello gentlemen,
I don't really plan on being too much of a nuisance to the board; however, I saw something not too long ago that I wanted to ask this board about. I'm clearly not an SF soldier, but I do have a reasonable knowledge of beret flashes. Recently I saw this CWO4 with a beret flash that I didn't know, have never seen previously, and cannot seem to find on any Army heraldry or SF site. As to why I would like to know I am a student of military history and I have a particular interest in the history of Special Forces. I hope one of you gentlemen know what this flash is and can edify me. If this message is dilatory or a violation of OPSEC please delete it. Thanks for taking the time to read my question


12-27-2007, 17:17
The flash is that of the Special Forces Association...wearing it with rank is not appropriate...

12-27-2007, 17:22
I think the SFA flash has a thin white border.

It is not a flash to one of the named commands - I don't think - at least not and older command. And it's not the SF but not in an SF assignment flash either.

He could have given us a hint about where/when he saw it. I'd have to guess eastern GA?

He got the head - did he get the left shoulder as well? Come on lets see it.

12-27-2007, 17:25
I think the SFA flash has a thin white border.Mine doesn't...maybe I'm special...? The ones I received from SFA have a red border...

12-27-2007, 17:30
All I have is the hat with the I-XVIII patch.

I looked here


But all they had in view were the jackets. Oh, well.

Ambush Master
12-27-2007, 17:32
Also the SFA Flash is somewhat oversized so that it can be "sewn over" the Group Flash, if I recall correctly.

12-27-2007, 17:36
But all they had in view were the jackets. Oh, well.The patch that goes on the pocket of the blazer has a silver border...the flash with the crest embroidered on it has a silver border...but for the economically inclined, the SFA flash has a red border...

AM, I believe it is oversized to accomodate the Roman numeral 10 above the oversized crest...

12-27-2007, 17:45
Thanks to all the QPs for the quick answers and discourse. This question had been bugging myself as well as several colleagues. I hope you can understand i didn't post any more information or the rest of the picture out of for respect for the gentleman pictured, I wouldn't want my ugly mug splashed over the web without my knowledge, and I wont do that to a person who has done what he has for our country