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10-22-2007, 12:25
Good afternoon,

I am an MI reservist who will be relocating to the South Florida area soon and am interested in becoming an IMA with SOCSOUTH. I am aware that all the SOF support personnel have the same APFT requirements as the 18 series and am currently working on getting my run time down. I am in my 30's now so it is more challenging to me now then it was in 1995 when I was 21. There seems to be a lot of soldiers on this board who want to be "tabbed" but my interest is in joining the MID. I have no experience with SF units but am enrolled in the AMU program for Intelligence Studies with SOF/Low intensity conflict as a focus and would like to go that route in the reserves. I have seen a few posts from MI soldiers mention being assigned to the 3/20th SFG support company or MID but no information other than that.
My questions are what role does CI/HUMINT play in a Combatant Command as opposed to a BN or GROUP MID? Is it a lot of analytical work for the overall AOR as I suspect? Is there any strategic work involved? I have googled and learned about the SOUTHCOM FP detachments but I can't seem to find out much more about the other available duties. I would imagine there are lots of training opportunities but what would some of them be for someone who is not seeking to be an 18 series (other than BAT)? It looks as if I will have to transfer to the MIAD program (due to no MI RESERVE units in the local area) and travel to an MI TPU and then find a local unit (south FL) to drill the other half of the year with. I am hoping I could perform those drills at Homestead (and PT like crazy!) I am thinking that I would even like to request an Active duty tour with SOCSOUTH if I like it. From the general description and what I have been able to learn about the Command it seems pretty interesting. I would appreciate any advice or experiences the members of the board have to offer.


10-22-2007, 14:21

There are plenty of interesting MI opportunities in support of SF. Without knowing your MOS or level of seniroity, it is hard to say more than that. Also, your questions about CI and HUMINT work are not going to be answered in a public forum.

There are several units within striking distance of you. BSC, 3-20th SFG will be the closest, followed by BSC, 1-20th SFG (A) and GSC, 20th SFG (A) in Alabama. You should search here to find their contact info and then call their respective recruiters. They will be able to put you in touch with folks to answer your questions after your credentials have been verified.

Good luck!

10-22-2007, 17:14
My apologies

I am aware of the courses a 97B could attend so I was pretty much asking about those likely to be sent to or those that would be beneficial. I have been focusing on running and am looking to improve my swim skills. I am not ABN Qualified so I know that would logically be the first step. I have worn the Maroon beret without wings and it is not a good feeling. A prior unit had little money to actually fund the school and it was dismissed as MI "wont be jumping into combat anyway" "You will have to drive down to Bragg on your own time and dime to stay qualified" ,etc...

I was pretty much looking for general experiences of what occurs on the Combatant Command level as opposed to unit level and have a pretty good idea. I have heard stories from old Battle Buddies and others but their experiences were all dated. Most of the MI soldiers that I know well are all contractors now. One is a MICECP who is TDY everytime I turn around and hard to keep up with. I have applied for the MICECP program as well (my civilian career is boring but pays well) but Intel for SOF interests me.