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03-09-2007, 18:18
As I mentioned in my introduction, my primary reason for joining this forum is to look for information on SF for a paper. I want to be respectful and accurate in my description of SF, and I have managed to gather a great deal of information on my own regarding requirements for joining. In order to get the highest possible grade, I need to either:

1. Include an approximate description of the population of SF relevant to the study I am proposing, including: number of SF members in any year after 2000, average level of education, average age, average tenure in the military and the distribution of minorities in the population.


2. Explain, with documentation, why this information is not available. Does this violate PERSEC or OPSEC concerns? Am I not able to find the information because it is too sensitive?

I have read through the terms of service and I understand that no one here is interested in doing the work for me. I've been searching the forums, the internet, public and private libraries for several weeks with out success but I don't assume that the information I'm looking for is unavailable just because I haven't found it. One problem (and this has been mentioned before in these forums) is that sources external to the military don't clearly define or even understand the difference between SF and SOF, so the numbers I've gotten have been pretty suspect.

I've contacted leads from classmates including several people working in developing training for various schools within the Army and I've run down a lot of dead ends. If anyone here could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. I absolutely do not want or expect anyone to do my work for me but I could use a push in the right direction.

The Reaper
03-09-2007, 18:47
USASOC Public Affairs Officer


03-09-2007, 20:56
The mission of the USASFC(A) Public Affairs Officer is to develop public affairs plans and procedures and provide public affairs guidance and counsel to the CG, USASFC(A) and his staff. The PAO also develops, supervises and facilitates command information, community relations, and media relations activities for the Command. In addition, the PAO is responsible for direct coordination with both subordinate and higher command public affairs offices on issues of significant interest to ensure coordinated messages are presented to the media.

USASFC(A) PAO (910)432-6005
FAX (Unsecure) (910)432-1046


03-09-2007, 21:09
Thank you both, I will e-mail tonight.<- Correction, call tomorrow if I don't get a reply.

If anyone is interested I can provide more information about the proposal here or in whatever area is appropriate.