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04-17-2006, 13:14
Good afternoon, I have been looking for an old friend of mine and not quite sure how to go about it with out giving up name. He was a Major with the 41st Infantry Brigade, Oregon Army National Guard, when I met him. He was also an instructor for ROTC in Oregon. He had service in Nicaragua and a few other places that escape me. He would have been there in the 80's. He went through SFQC as a Lieuie and had too reclass once because of pneumonia. Well, as you can tell I know much of my friend. He was the person that guided me towards the military when I needed it the most. I would like to share with him my appointment with the 5/19th SFG (REC), and what has brought me to this place. I believe that he is in Washington, D.C. at present. Any help or P.M. would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Robert

The Reaper
04-18-2006, 11:10
You might want to reread the stickies and Intro posts.