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  1. Payne, Norman
  2. Shriver, MSGT. Jerry Michael
  3. Strohlein, SSG. Madison A.
  4. Entrican, CPT. Danny D.
  5. Door Gunner, Kratchi Province, Cambodia
  6. US Warriors' Remains Sent Home from Vietnam
  7. Hunt goes on for remains of MIAs
  8. Thanks, Eagle, and the JTF-FA
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  15. Another Recovered and Identified.
  16. SFC Roger Hallberg
  17. Earthquake McGoon
  18. MIA Navy Aviator Identified.
  19. WWII MIA Database
  20. JCRC and the MIA/POW issue.
  21. Soldiers MIA From Vietnam War Are Accounted For
  22. Korean War MIA Identified
  23. Interesting site on the NVA guards...
  24. SSG Matt Maupin
  25. SGT Jimenez, and PVT Fouty remains found
  26. 1st Cav. MIA/KIA Returned Home
  27. A day of remembrance
  28. Vanished Soldiers finally come home
  29. Newt Heisley, creator of POW/MIA Flag died
  30. Remains Identified as Navy Captain Michael Scott Speicher
  31. Isaac Camacho
  32. Teams Seeking Remains Dig Back to World War II
  33. National POW/MIA Day
  34. WWII missing airman SGT Robert Stinson and fellow crewmembers recovered
  36. MAJ Curtis Miller recovered from Laos
  37. four servicemen MIA from Vietnam War identified and returned to their families
  38. Korean War MIA remains returned
  39. Special forces MIA remains from Vietnam War return to US
  40. U.S. Airmen MIA from WWII are Identified
  41. Green Beret From El Paso Met Valiant, Obscure Death In Vietnam
  42. Korean War MIA Recovered
  43. WWII MIA recovered
  44. WWII MIA recovered
  45. Vietnam MIAs recovered (SOG mission - CCC RT Maine)
  46. Airmen Missing From Vietnam War Identified
  47. James Leslie Moreland - MIA - Remains Returned
  48. CCN, RT Maryland MIAs recovered (VN MIA)
  49. Soldier Missing from Korean War Identified
  50. Airman Missing in Action from WWII Identified
  51. Soldier Missing from WWII recovered
  52. U.S. Soldier MIA from Korean War Identified
  53. Albert Brown; Oldest Survivor of Bataan Death March passes at 105
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  56. Three Soldiers recovered in Vietnam
  57. SF Soldier recovered from Vietnam
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